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Chandelier in Miami

- 21 Nov 2012 -
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Visiting family in Miami and was put in charge of replacing the bulbs in Grandma's lovely chandelier (below). Anyone familiar with it? I'm guessing it came originally with half-mirror bulbs, and will try to get some such bulbs off the internets.

Other than that, any modern design must sees while in Miami? We're by Coconut Grove.


- 21 Nov 2012

Turns out, standard light bulbs won't fit in the opening of the glass shade--I need a bulb with less than about 1.75 inches. Where do you guys go for non-standard replacement bulbs?

- 21 Nov 2012

I order specialty lightbulbs online
from They are very good and hassle free.
(not trying to advertise if P&A need to remove this I understand)

- 21 Nov 2012

Sifting through old receipts, I found out it is a Doria chandelier, and the light bulbs are E14, which I can have shipped from Europe, unless someone knows a US provider for European-style light-bulbs.

- 22 Nov 2012

Thanks all
Thanks for all the comments! I did find some E14's on most US lighbulb sites, but not the half-mirror ones. I think that most of the US market for E14's is for appliances such as ovens, where a half-mirror bulb would be incongruous :)



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