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Chandelier in Miami

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- 21 Nov 2012

Visiting family in Miami and was put in charge of replacing the bulbs in Grandma's lovely chandelier (below). Anyone familiar with it? I'm guessing it came originally with half-mirror bulbs, and will try to get some such bulbs off the internets.

Other than that, any modern design must sees while in Miami? We're by Coconut Grove.


- 21 Nov 2012

Turns out, standard light bulbs won't fit in the opening of the glass shade--I need a bulb with less than about 1.75 inches. Where do you guys go for non-standard replacement bulbs?

- 21 Nov 2012

I order specialty lightbulbs online
from They are very good and hassle free.
(not trying to advertise if P&A need to remove this I understand)

- 21 Nov 2012

Sifting through old receipts, I found out it is a Doria chandelier, and the light bulbs are E14, which I can have shipped from Europe, unless someone knows a US provider for European-style light-bulbs.

- 22 Nov 2012

Thanks all
Thanks for all the comments! I did find some E14's on most US lighbulb sites, but not the half-mirror ones. I think that most of the US market for E14's is for appliances such as ovens, where a half-mirror bulb would be incongruous :)



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