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Comfort of Moller chairs

- 12 Nov 2012 -
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Now that I hope to acquire a set of Moller dining chairs, I've begun to wonder how comfortable they are. What is your opinion, and which models do you find more or less comfortable? Are the Danish cord seats comfier than upholstered? Thanks for your input.


- 12 Nov 2012

Hi ...
... I have sets of the model 75 in paper cord and leather upholstered, both are very comfortable.

- 12 Nov 2012

Great, thank you, I love the...
Great, thank you, I love the model 75. So you find no comfort difference between cord and upholstery? And also can I ask you how tall the folks using the chairs are?

- 12 Nov 2012

Right ...
... no difference at all, size 175 to 180 cm.

- 12 Nov 2012

We have a set of papercord #...
We have a set of papercord # 79 sidechairs along with leather seated #78 armchairs and all are comfortable.

- 13 Nov 2012

I like my #75s
with paper cords seats a lot. Very comfortable.

A lot of Moller chairs were made with vinyl upholstered seats. I'm not crazy about these but fabric (probably wool) would be good. Paper cord is cool to sit on in the summer.

- 13 Nov 2012

Thanks for the replies --...
Thanks for the replies -- they are very helpful!

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