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Craigslist Conversation Piece

- 19 Jul 2010 -
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Really unique find on Craigslist yesterday. We nabbed this Hill-Rom Desk/Table/Workstation yesterday. Pretty stoked about it because of it's look and thought it would be great for conversation.

Obviously we know Hill-Rom is an old health-care company but we're quite interested in how design driven this piece is, almost taking influence from Nelson and others. Anyone familiar with this period of furniture they made?

We can't figure out what the top drawer on the left is for as it's not a regular drawer. Appears to be some lab/doctor's tray but it's missing. As you can see there's a rubber gasket and enough depth for some form-fitting piece to be placed there. So generally, anyone have an idea what exactly this was? A doctor's table?

It's quite interesting with the wood (unsure?), steel and metal aqua-colored drawers. It's a very clean design and has some amazing details like the backscreen and formica top. It's a tank--incredibly heavy and well-built.

I can't seem to find anything like it on Ebay or anywhere else so hope the minds here have some fun things to share with us.

More shots can be found here:


- 19 Jul 2010

I got a similar Hill Rom...
I got a similar Hill Rom piece at a local thriftstore for $5 a few months ago. I liked the design, and the quality of the manufacturing was also very good. I have one of the trays, and one that is missing. I keep it in a studio workspace.

- 19 Jul 2010

That's beautiful. I want it. haha Really like seeing the casters on it too.
A tray! Ah, so that's it. I wasn't quite sure but that seemed to be the shape.

I'm surprised these pieces don't get a little more attention. They're so solid and quite pleasing on the eye. I just don't see them anywhere.

Thanks for sharing it.

- 20 Jul 2010

Instrument Tray

Could you possibly tell me some details about the instrument tray to help us get ours replaced.

Stainless or Plastic?
Measurements? To me, they're close to 17" x 11 1/2" x 3/4". (Just wanted to be sure)
Any mark or maker?


- 20 Jul 2010

My tray is stamped as made...
My tray is stamped as made by Beacon Ware. It is the No. 9018 Model. It is 17 3/4" x 14" overall, and made of aluminum.

- 05 Feb 2015

I have a desk in need of a drawer/tray like the ones described in this thread. Did anyone ever determine an appropriate replacement source? Any information would be great. Thanks.

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