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Curiosity about an Hans Wegner sewing table

Interior design
- 23 Nov 2017 -
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Interior design

Hi! I thought that the AT33 was indeed produced only by Andreas Tuck, and I discover only now that PP Mobler produced it too:

Leif, do you maybe know when the transition from Andreas Tuck to PP Mobler took place, and is it related to the stopping of the Tuck production? Quite interesting that PP Mobler did not continue the production of other Tuck pieces.

All the best


1960 - 1969


- 24 Nov 2017

According to their own homepage pp møbler took over a large part of Wegner's table collection from Andreas Tuck in the midseventies. Wegner had been designing for PP Møbler since 1968. Tuck is said to have closed his workshop in 1972. My wild guess: Wegner had an interest in keeping his tables in production, he had parted ways with Salesco and also stopped drawing for Johannes Hansen so it appears to be natural that he would give the tables to PP Møbler.

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