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- 06 Jan 2014 -
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Is there any information regarding the furniture designed by Folke Ohlsson for DUX available?

I have been able to locate any reference materials detailing the pieces that were offered by DUX.


- 06 Jan 2014

I don't believe there is any...
I don't believe there is any available reference on the internet. But I do believe some people who frequent this forum have vintage catalogs. And there are a few scans of vintage advertisements floating around the internet.

If you have a specific question about a specific piece (i.e. is it DUX &/ Ohlsson), post photos and you'll likely get a response.

- 07 Jan 2014

I have a catalog from the "Du...
I have a catalog from the "Dux 1000 Collection" Attached is a shot of the inside cover with an intro by, and picture of Folke Ohlsson. It has designs by Ohlsson, Alf Svennson, Sylvve Stenquist, Ohlsson & Stenquist, Yngve Ekstrom, Karl- Erik Ekselius and the "Dux Design Team. Are you looking for anything in particular?

- 09 Jan 2014

I was trying to verify...
I was trying to verify whether this teak credenza was manufactured by DUX. I have seen the pulls on a credenza advertised as being DUX.

- 09 Jan 2014

Will take a look in the...
Will take a look in the catalog when I get home from work tonight.

- 10 Jan 2014

My catalog does not have any...
My catalog does not have any sideboards with these pulls--sorry

- 30 Jan 2018

Hi, the images hosted have expired. Are you able or willing to share some of these images again?

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