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Danish Furnituremakers Control members

- 11 Nov 2016 -
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For future reference and for identification purpose, here is the list of DFC members as of february 1963. Many more compagnies joined the club later on.

Axel Andersens Møbelfabrik


Brande Møbelfabrik

C. F. Christensen A/S, Møbelfabrik og Trædrejeri

Dansk Møbelindustri

N. Eilersen A/S

S. B. Feldballe

Møbelfabriken ”Frem”

Hafnia Møbler A/S

A/S Albert Hansen's Møbelfabrik

Firma Carl Hansen & Søn

Firma Fritz Hansens Eftf.

Sigurd Hansens Møbelfabrik

Hansen & Guldborg

L. Heltborgs Møbelfabrik

Hundevad & Co.

Poul Hundevad

Jason Møbler A/S

Firma J. C. A. Jensen

P. Jeppesens Møbelfabrik

Aksel Kjersgaard

Koefoed's Møbelfabrik

Møbelfabriken A,/S Kolds Savværk

A/S Mogens Kold — Møbelfabrik

A/S Brødrene Juul Kristensen

Munchs Møbelfabrik

J. L. Møllers Møbelfabrik

Næstved Møbelfabrik

Oddense Maskinsnedkeri

Odense Stole- og Møbelfabrik

Firma Magnus Olesen

Georg Petersens Møbelfabrik A/S

Ry Møbler A/S

P. Olsen Sibast I/S

Firma Skovmand & Andersen

Slagelse Møbelværk A/S

Sorø Stolefabrik

Firma Andr. Tuck

Uldum Møbelfabrik

Møbelfabriken Vamo

Vinde Møbelfabrik

Brødrene Christiansens Møbelfabrik

CS Møbler

A/S Fredericia Stolefabrik

Fårup Møbelfabrik

Gern Møbelfabrik

Gudme Møbelfabrik

Firma M. P. Hansen & Søn

Haslev Møbelsnedkeri

Firma K. Knudsen & Søn


Firma Søren Ladefoged & Søn

Chr. Linnebergs Møbelfabrik

Pandrup Træindustri

Silkeborg Møbelfabrik

A/S Randers Møbelfabrik

Sørensen & Christensen Møbelfabrik

Søborg Møbelfabrik A/S

Thisted Trævareindustri A/S

Søren Willadsens Møbelfabrik



- 12 Nov 2016

Thanks! What is the source of this info?

- 12 Nov 2016

That is awesome. And I second jesgord's question. I am curious what else might be in there.

- 12 Nov 2016

It's from an article I found online looking for something else. Here is the link:

It is in Danish but it is talking about the exportation figures of danish furniture in the beggining of the 1960s and the necessity for furniture makers to join the Danish Furniture maker control label (I had it translated in French).

- 12 Nov 2016

Thanks! I am surprised I don't even recognize a few names on the list. Will Abe to look them up.

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