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Danish chair.....Vodder, Kirkgaard, Buch? Identification

- 02 Jan 2018 -
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Recently acquired 2 of these teak and vinyl danish armchairs which have danish control labels attached.

The design, especially of the arms, is quite distinctive with the sculpted round front and the triangle shaped rear.

Thought these would therefore be reasonably straightforward to identify but that's failed to be the case.

Does anyone out there know with certainty who designed or produced these chairs. They are nice but would just like to be able to attribute them

Danish chair.....Vodder, Kirkgaard, Buch? Identification
United Kingdom
1960 - 1969


- 02 Jan 2018

Well, you can rule out Vodder and Kierkegaard because their furniture didn't have exposed fasteners covered by wood plugs. Erik Buch chairs do have plugs over screws, but his arm chair had the distinctive triangle at the sides of the back rest so he's out, too.

The front ends of the arms are beautiful but not that unusual, so that doesn't help a lot. The shape of the horizontal part of the arm is less common, I think.

- 08 Jan 2018

thanks Spanky.....

any further thoughts on who they might be by or should I just treat them as generic danish?


- 08 Jan 2018

I'm not an expert on furniture ID so I really don't know, but I don't you should give up just yet. I see you're in the UK so you might look at British furniture (not my field at at all but others might have some suggestions).

Maybe look at knock-down? Or flat pack? These were probably not intended to be assembled by the consumer but usually when there are screws, it indicates that the chair was shipped flat and assembled by the retailer. I think, anyway.

- 09 Jan 2018


Leif .......additional photos attached. Do they help?

Spanky.....they have danish control mark so not of UK manufacture.

Still cant get any additional leads despite further effort. Any help much appreciated

- 10 Jan 2018

Hi Robin,

I searched through the 60s and 70s on the furniture index to no avail. I looked at side chairs and carvers that could match with no luck.

I have to admit, in addition to the names you've listed I can see similarities to the Poul Jeppeson manufactured Ole Wanscher carvers you see floating about, as well as some passing resemblance to Johannes Andersen carvers, though obviously the armrests are set back on those. It's really the flat sided design, with floating seat that makes me think it's most heavily influenced by Buck.

I'd guess it's an in-house design by one of the usual suspects, Dyrlund or such. But I don't think that makes it ugly.

- 10 Jan 2018

Let’s see the Danish furnituremakers’ control mark.

And dyrlund was not a member of that club.

- 10 Jan 2018


additional photos showing the underside construction of the seat and the danish control mark. Do these shed any further light to help identify designer/producer? Thanks for your help

- 10 Jan 2018

Oops, sorry, I should have reviewed your initial post before asking if it could be a UK chair!

One thing that that bugs me--the large exposed screw heads on the backrest at the sides of the chair frame. It doesn't make sense that the screws on the legs were recessed with (probably) wooden plugs to cover them, while the screws on the back were not. They're also Phillips head screws; usually when there are exposed fasteners on Danish furniture, they're hex or square type, I think. So assuming these are repair screws put in later, and that the originals were smaller and recessed and covered with plugs, then it makes the Buch connection more likely. If only to be an "inspired by" design.

One of the screws is recessed but the other isn't--can't tell from the photos if the two screw heads are the same diameter. I'm guessing not.

I doubt any of that is a clue to who designed or produced the chair, though.

- 10 Jan 2018

thanks Leif and Spanky for your efforts....much appreciated and if anything else occurs please let me know.

I did post previously another identification conundrum and wondered if either of you had any thoughts. I have included photos. Lovely brazilain rosewood and IB Kodod Larsen style but again just cant pin point designer or producer. unfortunately they have no makers marks or danish control lables.Can I tap into your knowledge base to see if you can shed any further light on these.

- 10 Jan 2018

Love the shape of those armrests, the angle of the seat back, and the floating seat pad. Really cool chairs regardless of who designed them.

- 11 Jan 2018

Pretty sure it's Grete Jalk. Her lounge chair has the same arms where your hand goes and the brass fasteners are common on her side/coffee table

- 12 Jan 2018


I see what you mean.......the arms are almost identical on both chairs........they both have the triangle at the rear and the sculpting and rounding at the front. Not conclusive but a great lead.......thanks

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