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Danish wall unit in need of ID Please

Product design
- 15 Nov 2017 -
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Product design

Hello, I have done a bit of research and have yet to find a match. Years ago when I purchased it I thought it was a CADOVIUS, however, the shelving supports are not "boomerang" in shape. They are finished on both sides and have small finished screws that allow you to use them to attach other pieces to them. It is marked "Made In Norway"

If anyone has any ideas they would be most appreciated!

Thank You, HM

 Danish wall unit in need of ID Please


- 15 Nov 2017

I feel like I am single handedly holding up a better ID by not just popping down the road and asking a local furniture maker to repeat himself to me, this time while I hold a notepad.

Short of that, they were Norwegian designed and the design was licensed out worldwide. I don't think in that sense, they'll have ever had a unified model of make. Mine were technically by Hyperion of Weybridge. Yours almost certainly were not.

I'm trying to find the thread so you can read what we have so far.

- 15 Nov 2017

Thank You SO Much!.I really appreciate it! I am purging and trying to figure out a price. My friend is a designer that is interested and she is asking me if I knew anything about the model and make.

- 15 Nov 2017

Pricing advice doesn't happen here. I own one and love it, but it's assuredly not a well known manufacturer or designer so you won't find an answer that will help to sell it.

For what it's worth I've never seen the brackets though. I've only ever seen directly wall mounted shelving. Nor have I see those sliding cabinet doors.

It seems like each manufacturer had their own little variations on the design.

- 15 Nov 2017

Thank You! Thank You! You have been so helpful!! I This will officially end my goose chase!

This is my first posting, and I do apologize for mentioning anything I should not have.

- 15 Nov 2017

Hazel, it's perfectly ok to mention that you're trying to figure out a price and that it's hard in this case since you can't get a definite ID on the stuff and thus can't figure out what others have sold for. It's just not ok to pop in and say "hey, what is this and what's it worth?" This place would be overrun with requests for free evaluations if that was allowed.

An ID of a more obscure piece could well be useful to others in the future so it's worthy of a discussion here, even if part of the reason you want to know is because you plan to sell it. At least that's how I see it.

- 17 Nov 2017

Thank You, Spanky.

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