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Designer Poul Cadovius

- 18 Jul 2007 -
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I bought tonight a teak wood shel unit and the person that I bought it from said it was from the 1950's and was made by Poul Cadovius better known as Cado is any one familiar with this it was in lots of pieces so i did not take a picture ,



- 18 Jul 2007

The Danish company of France...
The Danish company of France & Son (known for making semi-affordable furniture by fx Finn Juhl and Hvidt & Mølgaard) changed into CADO in 1966. Their biggest success was a furniture line in plastic designed by Steen Østergaard.

- 18 Jul 2007

CADO / Poul Cadovious
Poul Cadovious was the main man in charge of CADO, the company which took over many of France & son's designs when they folded. His desire for a drink or in his case MANY drinks led to CADO folding too which is a great shame.

CADO systems are easy to spot as they have a unique designed support system where 3 dowels are faced downwards on all cabients and shelf supports.
The system is of such versatility that you can cut the panels to fit an entire room out without having any barriers to placement of the shelves or cabients.

There are 3 versions of this system.

1) standard 2 wall mounted uprights in either teak oak or rosewood.

2) full panel wall mounted in rosewood or teak

3) and the rarest of all.
Pitch pine interlocking uprights where 6 form a solid panel with the 2 outer uprights carrying the holes for shelves etc.

In 20 years of trading I have only EVER seen one system and had the joy to install it in a customers home.

Below is a CADO system that I took out of a house after the orignal owner had put it up in 1964. It had hung like this for 43 years!

- 18 Jul 2007

Simon thanks for the post this is almost just like your picture. It appears to be all teak wood and in great shape has several glass panels
did you have any idea what this would be worth . This piece is around 45 years old.

- 18 Jul 2007

thanks simon
i will tally this morning and take a picture I know there is a lot... all disassembled

- 18 Jul 2007

I actually know a fellow...
I actually know a fellow collector of Verner Panton in Sweden who has almost twice as much installed in his bedroom + living room as seen on your picture, Simon. Very impressive though I don't know which version he has.

- 19 Jul 2007

Simon since it was all ...
Simon since it was all bundled up in look like it might be the one that would fit a half wall rather than a full wall I know that is hard to tell from here but it has all the nice features like magazine racks and chest and drawers and glass shelves what year do you think that was made and how much ? and it is CADO

- 19 Jul 2007

I have to say that is some...
I have to say that is some super-handsome shelving, be good to see similar put back into production.

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