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Did Ed Wormley design Drexel's "Declaration" line?

- 23 Oct 2002 -
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I just picked up a table at a thrift store here in San Francisco that I need help identifying. It looks like a low, round coffee table, at least from a distance (more on that later). The wood appears to be mahogany veneer, with solid mahogany legs. The bottom is stencilled "881-230-3 / Table / Declaration / by Drexel / 11-58".

There are two things that are unusual about this table: one is that the top is not quite round, but is slightly "squished" on four sides. The other is that there is an inlaid pattern in the center of the tabletop of 8 veneer "dots" around a center dot.

I know that Edward Wormley designed at least one line for Drexel, but I don't know if this was also his. Also, can anyone tell me if the "11-58" stencilled on the bottom is usually a manufacture date with Drexel? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Angie (not verified)
- 03 Jan 2003

Drexel inquiry
Did you ever get an answer to this? I'd also like to know that information. I think it is referenced in the Dunbar book

Angie (not verified)
- 03 Jan 2003

Drexel inquiry
Did you ever get an answer to this? I'd also like to know that information. I think it is referenced in the Dunbar book

Matt (not verified)
- 27 Feb 2003

Wormley for Drexel
Wormley designed the Precedent line for Drexel . it was first released in January of 1947. You can get the full story in the catolog that was released for the "Edward Wormley, the other face of modernism" exhibition at Lin Weinberg gallery in N.Y.C.
I dont believe Wormley designed any other lines for Drexel. And yes, the the stenciled # on the bottom of the furniture is a production date. I hope this info helps.

- 10 Oct 2004

Drexel Declaration Designer
I inherited the 851-131 Buffet and 851-330 Extension Table from my grandparents and they kept the original catalog. Drexel Declaration was designed by Stewart MacDougall and Kipp Stewart. I'm looking for living room pieces but no luck on the internet so far!

- 29 Oct 2004

Drexel Declaration
Hi, I have a Kipp Stuart coffee table by drexel, from the declaration line. I restored it. It has a top "hidden" compartment, and 2 drawers with ceramic ball pulls. It will be going for auction next month at town crier auctions in elkhorn wisconsin. It is a modern auction. Let me know if you're interested, and I can send you the web page. Thanks, Tom

- 27 Nov 2005

Drexel declaration
I have an original Drexel catalogue for Declaration which lists "881-230 Cocktail Table 44W 44D 15 H Rosewood inlay" with photo. The catalogue is dated January 1959 and notes "designed by Stewart Macdougal and Kipp Stewart"

- 27 Nov 2005

Looking for Drexel Declaration Catkin Chair
I am searching for Drexel Declaration dining chair: Declaration original January 1959 catalogue lists this walnut chair as "851-701 Side chair wood seat, Catkin back." This is a walnut side chair without arms that has a back with splats in the shape of catails 7 in a row.

- 27 Nov 2005

Cocktail table
further on 881-230 cocktail table, declaration: it appears to have 8 circles in a circle with one additional circle in the middle.

- 05 Mar 2006

Bedroom furtniture in Drexel's Declaration line
I'm selling a chest of drawers (3 drawers) with pull down cabinet (with 2 drawers behind pull-down) and a 6ft wide dresser with center cabinet (drawers behind cabinet doors) in the Declaration line by Drexel dated 5/61. Are there people out there that collect this line? If so, can somebody lead me in that direction?

- 15 Jul 2006

Drexel Declaration
Hi there -

I am looking for a dresser that is part of the Declaration line by Drexel. Model numers start with 801 (-410, -430).

- 27 Dec 2006

I think I have the same table- just got it this week from my mother - the dining room set was bought at the same time and is by Wormley. I can check the numbers ...later

- 27 Dec 2006

ok - the cocktail table is 881 255
it has 8 dot inlays in a circle with a ninth in the center

- 27 Dec 2006

oops - wrong num ber
That was the wrong number - it is actually
881 230 - 5
cocktail table 159

If anyone has photos of this line or any other information to share, I would like to know more about this furniture.

- 29 Dec 2006

declaration cataloque
I would love a copy of the Drexel Declaration cataloque - the Drexel company no longer has the complete catalogue - lost during moving.
Could you scan and email me a copy please? I'd really appreciate it.
I'll bet the company customer service department wouldn't mind a copy either. The email address is

- 19 Mar 2007

Anyone have Original Drexel Declaration Cataloque?
I would also love a copy of the Drexel Declaration cataloque. Could you scan and email me a copy please? I'd really appreciate it. THanks...Howard.

- 07 Nov 2007

I have a piece too..end table..
I have 881-311 End Table Declaration by Drexel SD-14 8-66
Any info? I am looking to sell possibly.. My table has a game table painted on the top.

- 23 Nov 2007

Looking for Drexel Declaration living room pieces
I have a 21.75" round table (20" high) if you are interested. I am in Atlanta. I can send photos

- 25 Nov 2007

FS: Edward Wormley Drexel PRecedent Dining Chairs )(4)
SEt of four for sale - similar to those in the link, but mahogany or teak or cherry(?) don't know the wood.

- 25 Nov 2007

we are on the subject, does anyone know the designer of the parallel line?

- 16 Dec 2007

to drmr
Do your four Drexel Precedent dining chairs have "dog bone" ( I believe that is what it is called)_design and are they blond finish? I have been researching Drexel Precedent dining furniture designed by Wormley.


- 17 Dec 2007

no luck so far on my last question - how about the profile line? anyone?

- 19 Dec 2007

and yet
even more i would like to know about. a line called "today's living", and another called "apart-mates". anyone? it seems drexel was really busy with modern lines.

- 20 Dec 2007

NO, Kip Stewart is the designer
of the walnut Declaration line. I own most of it and have found this out from collectors.

- 23 Dec 2007

this has become my obsession of the moment
i have now launched into researching drexel's modern furniture. i am looking for concrete evidence of any kind to nail down the designer('s) of the precedent, declaration, profile, parallel, today's living, apart-mates, counterpoint, or any other modern lines. examples would include tags with names, catalog references, period publications etc. i know the common knowlege of wormley and stuart, but have yet to see documentation. of special interest is a rumored plywood self assembled line from the fourties. pics would be helpful on this one. i would be grateful for any help. thanks, bill

- 23 Dec 2007

Drexel precedent
My daughter has been researching facts about her Drexel Precedent dining room suite. Information from Spinario Design in Minneapolis tell us the Precendent is the only line of Drexel designed by Wormley. Look up info on Wormely and you'll also find the years he designed for Drexel.

- 23 Dec 2007

Drexel Precedent table
I recenty bought a table marked Drexel/Precedent (209-4 Elm) that is either a dining or coffee table, depending on how you choose to convert the legs. It has a drop leaf on either of the long sides. Very unique table, but seems oddly new. My question is does anyone know how long the Precedent line was in production? Also, did Drexel ever pull a line then re-introduce it later? And did Wormley design the entire line? To answer a question above, I have one of the Declaration catalogs that says, "Designed by Stewart Macdougall and Kipp Stewart", I can send you a photo, but don't have a scanner.

- 23 Dec 2007

drexel precedent
Edward Wormely was designer for Dunbar Furniture Co. from 1931 - 1968. During this time in 1947 he designed the Precedent line for Drexel, a competitor. Since his work for Drexel strained relationship with Dunbar, he discontinued designing for Drexel.

- 28 Feb 2008

I have a dining and/or breakfast table made by Drexel. Marked with DREXEL and numbered 782. A very nicely profiled 34" diameter table in oak with Queen Anne style legs with a thick wood pedestal. In great condition. If anyone can offer any info about this particular Drexel table or line, it would be appreciated. It's currently listed with lots of photographs on Ebay - auction ends on March 2 - Item number: 310026408092 (Ebay ID is sweetcottagecharm). It's a great table - would like to obtain more info about it....Does 782 indicate date of manufacture? Thanks!

- 07 Mar 2008

I have several pieces of Walnut Drexel Declaration for sale
I have several items of Drexel Declaration line from 1959 for sale. These are walnut, and in almost like new shape. The items include 801-430 Chest, 801-513(2) Catkin Bed, 851-230 Closed Deck for buffet and also the Buffet 851-131, 851-340 Extension Table with two leafs, 851-330 Extension Table with two leafs, 851-510 Serving Cart, one 851-700 Arm Chair, three 851-701 Side Chairs, one 851-710 Arm Chair, and three 851-711 Side Chairs. Pictures are available upon request. Please email Gary at

- 08 Jan 2009

Declaration Round Table
Hi Folks, just checking to see if anyone had a declaration round dining table for sale. Thanks.

- 08 Jan 2009

This is the forum
you need to be looking on 'radar' (link at top of page) for items for sale

- 24 Jan 2009

Drexel "Today's Living"
Do you know any information about the Drexel "Today's Living" line? Any help would be appreciated.


- 08 Mar 2009

Drexel "Parallel" Side Table
Hi, Did anyone ever have info on the Parallel line. I have a teak side table that is trapezoid in shape with a tri-leg center base. It is stamped 80-316-8 and also 8/60 on the underside. Thanks.

- 14 Mar 2009

Drexel Declaration
Thank you for posting your message regarding the Drexel Declaration coffee table. I picked up a dresser with the date of 10/59. I needed a chest of drawers and liked the fact that it was Drexel and modern, my favorite style. The pulls, however, were white ceramic balls, and uglier pulls I have never seen. I still have them, and I was wondering if they were actually original. I thought some idiot had replaced them. Are the pulls on your coffee table original? Are they white with a small brass nut between the ball and the drawer?
Thank you for any help.

- 18 Mar 2009


The pulls are...

The pulls are original the line came with white knobs with the brass spacers or flat circular brass and walnut pulls. I prefer the white knobs.

- 19 Mar 2009

Drexel Declaratio Knobs
If you're going to replace your knobs, I'd love to buy some from you! I have the bedroom set and my son took some of the knobs off, I can't find them, I've been upset and looking for years!!



- 21 Mar 2009

Parallel line
Hi all,
just bought a full bedroom set of drexel parallel his and hers dressers and night stand, I was also told that they are teak but can't find any info on the line, any help hee?

- 20 Jul 2009

Did Drexel design a line called "perspective"?
I recently purchased a Drexel 2-drawer, lift top vanity at an estate sale and was trying to figure out what collection it belonged to. Inside the drawer stamped with the Drexel stamp there is a label that says "Perspective- Value, Variety, Versitility" and on the bottom there is a stencil that has 501-2 D. Van. 752. Any help you can give me would be wonderful. Thanks!

- 06 Sep 2009

dining set
I have a round dining table w/ leaf & 4 chairs stamped 851-340-37 it is beautiful. Good condition will sell for right $

- 18 Sep 2009

Drexel - Parallel line
Hi, just bought a low 6-drawer dresser by Drexel (Parallel). I was doing some research and found that a designer by the name of Barney Flagg designed some of the Parallel line back in the 1950's. Also, it's made of walnut for those who were wondering. Thanks

- 04 Oct 2009

Drexel furniture Designers from the 1970's
I have a Drexel desk that is REALLY heavy, masculine, well designed, guessing from the 1970's. Does anyone have any info/pics on Drexel designers from the 1970's? This desk looks good to me.
The piece has heavy, rough, rectangular brass moving drawer pulls. The case is finished front and back. Any info helpful. I could send a photo... Thanks

laurenttorno3 @

- 04 Oct 2009

Drexel Woodbriar Line Designer
I found a similar piece from the same design line as my Drexel heavy desk.
The piece is currently on ebay and identified as a Drexel Heritage Woodbriar bar.
Does anyone know who designed the Woodbriar line for Drexel Heritage and when?

Thanks Very Much!

- 04 Oct 2010

Drexel Apart-mates
I have a credenza and hutch that has apart-mates stamped on the back. The year is 1962. Also a drop leaf table with 6 chairs. It is a Drexel Heritage 1957. Did you ever find ant info on the apart-mates line?

- 24 Dec 2010

We have Drexel Declaration Bedroom Set (6pcs)
My cousin has the 801 walnut bedroom set, consisting of 2 night tables, a chest of 3 drawers, a huge credenza, a highboy, a bedfoot table. It is in very decent condition, porcelain handles, fully marked.

(edited by DA - no sales on the forum, got to the Radar please)

- 01 Jun 2011

Declation table value?
Could anyone tell me what my declaration table is worth? It is rectangular with inner storage under a hinged door on top, two small drawers with ceramic pulls, and has open compartments on the other side. I want to get it refinished but before I do would like to know the value. I think the no is 881-340-4.thanks

- 01 Jun 2011

your table!
Hi Michele -- we're not supposed to provide price guidance in the forums, but I'd be interested in buying your table if you're interested in selling.

Kevin (email me at eustice at

- 29 Jun 2011

Drexel "Perspective" line
Hi there -
Re "Perspective" - I just rec'd a note from Drexel - they are waaay backlogged with inquiries and it took a couple of months.
I have the mindoro wood Perspective dining table and 6 blue upholstered chairs.
Drexel says they have very little info - 1952 is the make year, coded in the stamp as 952..
There is a coffee table, end table, tall lighted dining hutch, gateleg drop leaf with 3 leaves (what I have) - armed host/hostess chairs and 4 side chairs - upholstery is soft blue slightly nubby with woven ribs and what I think is a silk blend...
If anyone else has info on this set I'd be delighted to hear!

- 18 Sep 2011

Also interested in buying your table
If you table is still available and you're willining to sell, please email me at andrew.pal at

- 18 Sep 2011

Drexel Perspective
Little known but true Drexel's Perspective group was designed by Milo Baughman.

Drexel Perspective by Milo Baughman


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