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Do these look like Cado Royal System modules? Where I can find spare Cado Royal System parts?

- 24 Dec 2012 -
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Hello all,

I recently picked up two beautiful modular shelving pieces from a local flea market. The problem is, (1) there are no helpful markings on the pieces and (2) the pieces did not come with the brackets and mounting hardware. Based on research, I believe these are CADO Royal System modules..Can anyone confirm this or, help out in identifying them? And, does anyone know how/where I can find the wood brackets, dowels etc..needed for wall mounting? I don't care if the spare parts are authentic, replicas or custom made...any leads or ideas would be appreciated..


(pics were taken with my crappy iPhone 2 - so, if you cannot make a good determination based on image quality please let me know and I will find a way to take more clear pics)


- 24 Dec 2012

they're CADO

you need the wall mounts with horizontal holes

- 27 Dec 2012

thanks everyone
..for your responses thus far.

I tried contacting but, unfortunately, they have no spare parts in stock. Nor does eBay currently have any spare parts on the block that fit my requirements. I am looking into buying some teak lumber and cutting the brackets myself and, hopefully the dowels will be easy to find (I imagine they are).

Ideally, I would like to find authentic spare parts instead of making my own. If anyone comes across a lead or knows of a site that sells spare parts for the Cado Royal System please drop a line here.

Best Regards and Happy New Year to all.

- 19 Jan 2013

Cado Mounting Strips
I am getting into this conversation late but if you still need the wood mounting strips I have some for sale.


- 08 Apr 2013

I am in need of wooden supports for CAD) system...
...still available? Thanks...

- 11 Sep 2013

ALso looking for the mounting rails and rods. Three total needed.
Please contact me and let me know. Anthonychacon at

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