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Drexel projection dining set

- 15 Nov 2012 -
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I recently purchased a Drexel Projection dining set made in 1959. Although there is plenty of information on Drexel's other lines from this period, I can't find much information about Projection. Does anyone have any info on this line (i.e. designer, wood type, etc.)? This is a link with a picture of the table and chairs (although I only have 4 chairs and am looking for 4 more).


- 15 Nov 2012

John Van Koert?
I have seen the "Projection" line attributed to John Van Koert, who also designed the "Profile" line for Drexel. There are enough similarities in the two that is seems reasonable.

- 16 Nov 2012

Great, thank you for the...
Great, thank you for the reply!

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