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Eames DCM Possibly Evans

- 16 Dec 2012 -
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Are these possibly Evans product DCM's? One has the aniline dye and the other seems to be walnut. Moreover, I noticed that the red one has thicker dye on the top then the bottom. Is this consistent with the aniline dye process?

Lastly, we are in the process of deciding whether or not we should restore them or use as is; since, they are going in our childs room. Blessings


- 16 Dec 2012

The seat is for a DCM not DCW. I would probably use them as is for a child's room.

The last set of pics you posted looks like paint.

- 16 Dec 2012

Thank you
for the quick reply. Naturally, if you feel that the previous owners painted over the front of the chair I will definetly remove it? Will it ruin the true aniline dye finish underneathe? Thank you in advance

- 16 Dec 2012

Lenox, I recently removed...
Lenox, I recently removed some red paint from two early LTR's (checker label), using citri-strip, and discovered that the tables were aniline red underneath.

While it was fairly easy to remove the paint, there are still traces of paint in the cracks of the veneer and also between the layers of plywood at the edge. I could probably have gotten rid of it all, but then I'm sure I would have lost most of what was left of the original aniline dye. Since my tables were already in pretty rough shape, with a burn mark on one and losses to the veneer on both, I decided to leave them in this state of "in between", showing the original dye, but also traces of the paint here and there...

- 16 Dec 2012

so is the consensus that the chair has been repainted or is it plausible that this thicker coat is orginal to the chair? Thank you

- 14 Apr 2013

Thank you

Yes, thank you for the link. The 5-2-5 configuration will be easy and worth remembering.

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