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Eames Herman Miller Fiberglass Shell Chair paper label (again)

Product design
- 11 Feb 2008 -
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Product design

Hi all, I read several threads in here previously and found that there are a lot of version about Herman Miller Label for Eames Fiberglass Shell Chair. I have a green Shell Chair H base with the Herman Miller paper label but no embossed logo. I know it may be a transitional shell but what worries me is that i found that the paper label my chair has is different to what i see in ebay. I post the photos for my chair and the paper label too. Please help me to identify the chair.. i am wondering if it is real or not.. thanks so much in advance. Wilson



- 11 Feb 2008

Quick not on Eames chairs
This has happened to me a couple of times. Herman Miller has always been the distributor of the chairs - never the actual manufacturer (always contracted out). As such they warehoused the shells and assembled the color/base combinations only when orders were placed. Dating was rather imprecise - to my knowledge the date you find stamped onto the shells with ink is the date the chair left the warehouse. I had a shell with no secondary shockmount dimples (so pre DSS in 1955) but was dated 1957. Either way, one look at your chair says its completely authentic :)

- 11 Feb 2008

Dear both
Thanks so much for your reply, i am trying to figre out around which time it is made. I guess it is produced at around 1970-80s becasue of the paper label. I also email Herman Miller about my question but i do expect what will they answer usually :) Anyway thanks so much.


- 11 Feb 2008

lucifersum is a 100 percent correct on this one as that is the most recovered chair that we do , and i have looked at shells till i am blue in the face,
that is just a inventory code, that is on all chairs as a lot of the original were contracted out to two factories in the Michigan area including the Zeeland plant and the California plant,
AS of now they are out of the fiberglass business cause of green issues, as they are the number one green furniture company in the world,
and they contract to have the plastic shells made out of the Zeeland factory .
75 percent of the old chairs have a embossed name the others do not, to this day no one knows why, somewhere around the early 70s the embossed started to disappear.

tidbit...... the arm shell chairs on the bar are 1 inch smaller on each side , then the other chairs,
I never knew it till i saw it,on a set we did, the side shells are all the same size,

- 12 Feb 2008

By the way
Thanks. By the way, is it mean the chair with no embossed logo are actually fewer stock produced than the with-logo one? i do not mean it is rarer. And certainly it seems easiler to get a with-logo one in the market, like in Japan, i often saw the embossed Eames, exclude the Zenith's.

- 12 Feb 2008

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