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Eames Management Chair Label

- 01 Jan 2013 -
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I am in process of getting a used Eames Management chair , are there any specific areas the label is attached and what should be aware of? Any help is greatly appreciated.


- 02 Jan 2013

The Labels
Is the first attached Label standard on all Eames Aluminum Group? The second attached pic is the one that I have on my Eames management chair which I purchased yesterday. It does not have the the black soft label of the leather nor do I see any other label.

- 02 Jan 2013

The black fabric Eames tag wa...
The black fabric Eames tag was introduced in 2007 for the 50th anniversary of the lounge chair. Yours is legit. It's the white production sticker that matters.

- 02 Jan 2013

For more on the white label, ...
For more on the white label, from the product number EA335 VD L L318 I can tell the following about your chair:

EA33 - Aluminum Group Management Chair
5 - Casters with Manual Seat-Height Adjustment
VD - 2" Hard Double Wheel Caster, Carpet, Chrome
L - Polished Aluminum Frame

The remaining L318 references the upholstery, and I don't feel like going through thousands of pages of product codes to tell you what material it is.

- 02 Jan 2013

Happy New Year "bgillettephoto"
You just made my 2013 a good year to start. Thank you for your knowledge and very informative reply.

- 02 Jan 2013

No problem. Whenever you go l...
No problem. Whenever you go looking for a used or display-model piece, it's always helpful to read up deciphering the product codes. It can help make sure you're getting it for the right price (or percentage discount), and also help when it comes to care and maintenance. With Herman Miller especially, the various options available result in hundreds of unique combinations - many which to an untrained eye will appear nearly identical but may mean a difference in hundreds or thousands of dollars in list price. To me, almost all of the black leathers look and feel the same - after ten years of use they certainly won't. Woods can especially be tricky. If you look for instructions on how to care for a palisander finish, most instructions online are going to assume it's lacquered and recommend a wax-based polished. If you didn't know any better, you could end up ruining a $2000 option oiled palisander finish.

Googling "herman miller price book" is a great place to start if you want to learn more.

- 02 Jan 2013

Thank You Again...!
Nothing matches the rewards of a window to a greater vista of knowledge and information. I will load-up in couple or three days the pics of the two chairs I have acquired.

- 04 Oct 2013

ea335 sticker but no HM tag
what does this sticker mean? real or fake? no other HM insignia on the chair.

EA335 ca L
1628512 10212005

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