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Eames Molded Plywood Chairs (LCW) are these real or fake?

- 27 Nov 2012 -
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Hello everyone!

My name is Chris and I am a industrial design student who is looking to purchase an LCW I found these two LCW's in Walnut.

I really only have two questions:

1. Are these authentic Herman Miller LCW's?
2. Are these a good price?

He also sent me 3 photo's of the scratches on the chairs.

Any help would make a greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advanced,


- 27 Nov 2012

And that's from
a poster who chose the signature "object worship" !

I think you're all nuts. But then, I design my own objects to worship. It's probably like having children (I wouldn't know). I recommend it !

Aunt Mark -- I'm buzzed. What do I do now ?

- 27 Nov 2012

Look like the real deal.
Price seems fair for recent production.

- 27 Nov 2012

Thank you for the great respo...
Thank you for the great response! How can you tell so quickly without a doubt they are real?

- 27 Nov 2012

The label is consistent.
And nobody would bother to fake that label and then post the chairs for 400 apiece on cl.

Otherwise, do you notice how the face veneers on the seat panels are nicely bookmatched (even from the same flitch), but only one back is? Classic HM.

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