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Eames aluminium group chair by ICF made in Italy

- 20 Jun 2012 -
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I have a serious back problem and the only chair that can help me is "
Eames aluminium group chair by ICF". Herman Miller version didn't work for me. Does any one know where I can buy one made in Italy. I contacted the company in Italy, they do not have it anymore...

any idea? pls email me: paulohess at



- 26 Jun 2012

Eames aluminium group chair by ICF made in Italy
Thanks Jim

I already found those on ebay before my posting.
As I mentioned in my original message the chairs you see on ebay are mainly made by Herman Miller and not by the Italian manufacturer and somehow won't help my back at all. As a matter of fact I spent almost $2000 trying different chairs from ebay with no success.

Thank you for your time ... I will figure out something.

Best Regards

- 26 Jun 2012

ICF chair
Hi Paulo, fair few on at the moment, around £100-150, could ask direct to see if they'll ship one over for you?

- 26 Jun 2012

my possibly silly question...

But this is the Eames aluminium group chair made under license in Italy.
How would it be better for your back than an identical chair made in the US?

- 26 Jun 2012

Eames aluminium group chair by ICF made in Italy

Thank you for your reply. I looked at,
the chairs there are US made (Herman Miller) version and as I mentioned in my original posting for some reasons they don't help me !!!

The one from Italy, I have tried and worked like a magic.
Italy ICF company made those chairs till 2007 and after that they sold the license to US companies.


- 27 Jun 2012

If you say that the ICF chairs help your back
while the seemingly identical Herman Miller chairs don't, I believe you.

Your understanding of the license arrangements, however, is incorrect.

Herman Miller, in the USA, was the original manufacturer of the Eames designs. In the late 1950s, a number of European companies -- among them Vitra and ICF -- were licensed by Herman Miller to produce those designs in their countries.

By the mid-1980s, Vitra had acquired the exclusive rights for all of Europe. But ICF continued to make and sell Eames furniture without a license, so Vitra sued.

ICF was eventually forced by the Italian courts, in 2005 or so, to cease production of the Eames furniture. Since then, only Herman Miller and Vitra have manufactured the Eames furniture under license.

- 14 Mar 2016

Paulo are you still searching for Eames aluminium group chair by ICF? If yes, do you need any particular model?

- 22 Feb 2018


are you still searching for an original ICF made Eames chair?

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