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Eames racetrack table

- 14 Dec 2014 -
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Hi all, 

My latest find is an Eames racetrack table in walnut. I love the grain pattern. It has some light scratches that I'd like to smooth out before using it as a dinning table. What would be a safe way to go about it, given we'll be eat at this table? 

Also I can't really tell what kind of finish is on it. Any idea? 


- 18 Dec 2014

I'm excited to say that I was wrong about my identification of the table as walnut. I've been told by several much more knowledgeable people that they believe it's rosewood!! 

I thought it was walnut because the grain pattern seemed a little regular to be rosewood. Also the price I paid definitely justified a walnut one rather than rosewood. 

i plan on just cleaning it up light and use it as is. 

- 18 Dec 2014

It's veneer. It also specifies that on the label on the underside. Does that make a difference in terms of cleaning?


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