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Edvard & Tove Kindt-Larsen Sofa

- 17 Nov 2012

I recently acquired/rescued this sofa. I was wondering if anyone else had any pieces by this design duo. I wasnt aware of them until I researched this piece. Here's a few pics of it in a very naked room in my home.



- 17 Nov 2012

Where did you come across...
Where did you come across it?

- 17 Nov 2012

I have always
loved that sofa. If you want to let it go....... They did some lovely tables also.

- 17 Nov 2012

Its a long story of how I acq...
Its a long story of how I acquired it..but it almost went in the dumpster and I saved it.

I love it too...I suppose there's not many of these floating around.

- 17 Nov 2012

That is a very nice thing indeed.

Produced by Thorald Madsen Snedkeri, is the frame produced from Mahogany?

So glad you rescued it from the dumpster.

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