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Electrohome Circa 701

- 06 Jul 2013 -
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Hello all, I just aquired this Electorhome Circa 701 and thought I would show it off. It's fully functional, in fact I'm listening to a Beatles record as I write this post. Has anyone else owned one of these beauties? The not sure of the type of wood it is constructed of, I came across an old add for these and it says they were either made of walnut or oiled teak.


- 06 Jul 2013

here are some more pictures of the base and roll top...

- 07 Jul 2013

very cool looking stereo
very cool looking stereo

- 27 Jul 2013

i've never seen a 701 in such great condition!

may i ask where you found it and how much it was?

- 27 Jul 2013

How does it sound?



- 28 Jul 2013

I'll hazard that it's walnut. The speaker panels (at least) are from the same bookmatched veneers -- judging by the figure that's visible. Nice . . .

Not to disparage the original design, but it would be possible to imagine this case, separated (temporarily) from its handsome base and placed atop a credenza box of matching size, to raise the turntable and controls to a more convenient (if less streamlined) height -- and provide record storage. Perhaps the same metal base could take the weight of the combined elements ?

Maybe that's the septuagenarian talking. In any event, an enviable acquisition !

- 15 Aug 2013

I Purchased it from a MCM shop in Calgary Alberta, The sound this unit produces is truly amazing. it has 2 four inch "tweeters" on the front of the unit and 2 ten inch down-firing "woofers" on the underside of the unit. From what I have read the speaker enclosures are sealed units and this adds to the overall sound quality. At first it was just average sounding. I decided to take the turntable out to clean it up and underneath buried in a pile of wood shavings was a stylus in original packaging that was different from the one fitted when I bought the unit! After changing the stylus to the "new" (original) the sound quality went up tenfold! I listen to this unit every day and am extremely happy with the condition and quality of the unit, still cant pinpoint a date of manufacture but from what I have seen on the internet this seems to be one of the early models in this style and more than likely around 50 years old.
I did find a tag on the underside of the unit that says the unit is indeed made of walnut. I too noticed the matching veneer on the front panels, I feel like its a nice little attention to detail that adds to the character of the unit, The man who made this unit really cared and it shows, his name is signed on the underside of the unit as well. As for modifying the unit, I am very happy with the original intended design and will not be making any changes to it, when seated or kneeling the unit height really isn't a problem. There is talk about Clairtone on this site, the design of the Clairtone G series is unmatched, but as far as sound quality I believe the Electrohome could give it some real competition, it would be an interesting battle of two Canadian stereo design icons.

- 21 Feb 2014


would you be...

would you be interested in selling this unit? if so, please email me at jmanafo [at] gmail [dot] com


- 21 Feb 2014


Congratulations on your vintage audio console acquisition. Stunning is the only word that comes to mind when the tambour door is closed. The simple stainless steel legs are elegant. The sound you get is acceptable for a period piece.

The Achille and Pier Castiglioni RR126 for Brionvega in jesgord's collection is a design triumph in vintage audio.

The Electrohome looks great closed. The Brionvega RR126 has no equal.

- 21 Feb 2014

The Brionvega is pretty hot...
The Brionvega is pretty hot but I would much prefer the Clairtone Project G.

- 21 Feb 2014

Then again the Willy Rizzo...
Then again the Willy Rizzo Commander System is maybe better again or much rarer at least but very different in style.
I guess the Canadian Clairtone one is early spacey 60s and the Italian Rizzo is more glam of the 70s.

Damn they are hot.

- 21 Feb 2014

Good looking stereos, all
The Electrohome is attractive and very unusual. The Electrohome units I'm familiar with are more "space age" in design, like this one we have:

- 23 Feb 2014

circa 701
trials4evr bought the circa 701 from should have seen it leveraged into his suv with baby in a carseat beside it;)
it looked and sounded awesome and am excited that it went to such an appreciative home...the hidden stylus is an awesome bonus!

I would never have let it go and it would be in my living room right now but I have this one to clean up and enjoy....c'est la vie;)

- 23 Feb 2014

Which model is the new one,...
Which model is the new one, LCA?
It looks terrific.

- 23 Feb 2014

The Clairtone Project
This is a Clairtone G3, 1966 model. DC Hillier has a wonderful information website on these stellar rare innovative Canadian mid century stereos. It is found here:

A snippet from this site:

'The Clairtone Project G stereo was produced by Clairtone from 1964-67. Costing 2000$ new (approximately the equivalent of $20,000 today) the high price kept it from becoming a huge success. Despite it sounding and looking incredible, fewer than 400 Project G's were made. It was promoted by Frank Sinatra, Hugh Hefner, Oscar Peterson and other celebrities and found a niche within Hollywood and other trendsetters popping up on the sets of such movies as The Graduate, The Party and Zabriskie Point...'
Or the main page under a revamp

- 23 Feb 2014

Thanks!I have a (tube)...

I have a (tube) Braun HM-5 cabinet designed by Herbert Hirche, 1957. I'll post a proper photo as soon as I get the radio chassis back from repair.

(photo from Hirche's apartment for the Interbau fair, Berlin '57).

- 24 Feb 2014

Does anyone happen to know...
Does anyone happen to know what the Willy Rizzo Commander System cost back in the 70s or even how many were made?

- 25 Feb 2014

I did email them a few years...
I did email them a few years back about any general info or history behind the piece and they did not bother to respond.
I find it arrogant but it's very common when making queries online.I was actually not surprised to get no response from the Rizzo site.
I assume if it's not a potential sale many just don't bother.

By the way they had re-released the Commander System with modern connectivity on that site at time I enquired.

Thanks for the links and I will check out audioholics.

- 09 Sep 2015

I have an Electrohome roll-top with steel legs like the one pictured above. I purchased it new in 1968 in Sacramento, CA. It's in my garage now, but I haven't been able to part with it. It's so unique. The roll top portion needs repair because I foolishly placed some heavy boxes on it. I haven't been able to locate the user's manual, but I know I have it somewhere. It's a truly beautiful stereo and was always a conversation piece because it was so unique.

- 09 Sep 2015

I own a Circa 701C like the one pictured above as well--sadly someone gutted it's electronics years ago and tried to make it a guitar amplifier. I have a dream of updating the electronics and fabricating a new aluminum control panel face with dials and controls scavenged from another Electrohome stereo. I'm thinking a Raspberry Pi-based tuner/phono system with tube amps driving the speakers.

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