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- 03 Nov 2012

Just love the patina
Just love the patina

- 05 Nov 2012

I don't like the rosewood...
I don't like the rosewood arms on the Oda chair for some reason
The Finn Juhl sofa has a great color combo too.

- 05 Nov 2012

Been after one of these for a while now
Arne Norell
Ari lounge chair and ottoman

- 05 Nov 2012

I'm going with monkey. I...
I'm going with monkey. I hear he can play wide receiver, cornerback, safety and even a little bit of QB.

- 06 Nov 2012

Did you just describe Tim...
Did you just describe Tim Tebow?

- 06 Nov 2012

Almost...but the QB part...
Almost...but the QB part doesn't fit Tebow ;-)

- 06 Nov 2012

The estimates are RIDICULOUSLY inflated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For example the Ystad candlesticks #263, abundantly available all over the internet for as low as $20 each. You can easily buy 17 of them from a bunch of different sellers online for less than $400 total but here the estimate for 17 is 3K-5K!!!!!
I don't think so!

- 09 Nov 2012

I noticed that too. There...
I noticed that too. There is some collector that will want first production and will pay for it.

- 12 Nov 2012

I agree...
But someone has already bid on the Ystad collection of seventeen candlesticks...

- 12 Nov 2012

A fool and his money are soon parted" ?

"There's a sucker born every minute" ?

"One man's meat in another man's poison" ?

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" ?

"A penny saved is a penny earned" ?

"A stich in time saves nine" ?

I'll stop now . . .

- 12 Nov 2012

@guyinSF, You obviously are not...
You obviously are not familiar with Wright Auctions. Not only do they hit their estimates fairly regularly, a good percentage even shoots way passed them. Look up completed auctions for PS Heggen waste bins in their archives (or Liveauctioneers) for a good example.

I admit that I can't figure it out myself, but this is not a case of 1stDibs pricing that may or may not get realized.

I personally like Wright Auctions because I can see certain rare Danish Modern pieces in person, which I would otherwise not be able to here in Chicago.

- 13 Nov 2012

Wow - 5ft!
Great piece, big but it looks so dainty - lovely colours too!

- 19 Nov 2012

scandinavian design
What gives me the most impressive memory for scandinavian design is PH light that is famous work.

- 19 Nov 2012

waste baskets...
Those P.S. Heggen waste baskets... what's the deal?

- 19 Nov 2012

I will let mine go cheap
First $700 takes it!

- 23 Mar 2013

Viewing for March 28th Auction just started
The good: First time I'd seen some personal favorites in person, including a Wegner Valet chair, Nakashima bench, and any Maloof piece.

The confusing: First time I'd also seen any Prouve or Jeaneret Chandigarh piece in person. I guess I understand the reasoning for Chandigarh pieces to be highly valued due to their specific history and connection to Corbu, but I never realized how average their construction quality was. Were they made by local craftsmen? Also, even though the caning appeared to be new, the chairs did not look very inviting to sit on. I passed. Instead, I spent more time sitting on the Valet, Nakashima and Maloof pieces.

Another reason I like Wright; a museum of rotating exhibits with pieces you can touch and sit on (most of the time).

- 15 Nov 2014

Just went to look at the lots for the upcoming Scandinavian auction next week. Stunning pieces again this time, better than any museum. Some of the highlights:

- a couple of teak Chieftain chairs; granted they were only Baker, but still the first time I ever sat in one. It does make you feel a bit like royalty.

- numerous Niels Vodder Juhl rosewood pieces, including NV-45s, Egyptian chairs, and a beautiful Judas dining table.

- the infamous Philip Arctander lounge chairs.

- nice selection of Wegner pieces, including some with wenge patterns laminated into the back rests. First time I had seen those in person as well.


i could go on, but it makes more sense to look at their online preview to grasp the incredible scope of this auction. I highly recommend a firsthand viewing to anyone in the Chicago area.

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