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Fotos from my trip to the Vitra Design Museum

Product design
- 26 Nov 2017 -
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Product design

Dear All,

I've spent a nice Sunday at the Vitra Design Museum, in Germany. A few kilometers from Basel.

I first went to the building where Vitra and other famous brands are used to create cozy environments, so that people that are looking for new ideas on how to furnish their apartments (given to have a large wallet) can get inspired. The structure of the building is really impressive (see pictures), with overlapping floors that cross each other. Amazing the view on the vineyard (see pictures).

On a different building, they have at the moment an exhibition about Charles and Ray Eames, which was good to understand that their design and activities went well beyond the furniture they created . I found interesting how similar the facade of their house looked like a bookshelf they designed. There were also short movies and documentaries Charles and Ray Eames realized.

Finally, I found really cool the "Depot", where a selection of famous design chairs is shown (see pictures); I liked to see pieces that I have been seeing only on the internet, and realize that their dimensions were different that what I imagined. The shelf with the Juhl and Wegner pieces was astonishing. But probably a bit too obvious.

The Vitra campus is quite bit; I think they have also the production site there. A nice place where to go on a Sunday, when a golden Autumn we had is giving space to Winter.

All the best


Fotos from my trip to the Vitra Design Museum
1950 - 1959


- 26 Nov 2017

That looks like you had a fun trip Ernest. It is great that you made time to visit an excellent collection of 20th century design/modernism. Before the internet, going to these places was where I spent a lot of time (still do) studying & memorizing/looking closely at the details/design/work of the 20th century designers.

It is also worthwhile mentioning Frank O. Gerry ,Herzog & de Meuron, Zaha Hadid, Alvaro Siza, Jean Prouve, Tadao Ando & others (for the architecture/buildings).

- 27 Nov 2017

I must see this museum.

I must,

Aunt Mark

- 28 Nov 2017

Indeed. I would have loved to accompany you to this museum. Thank you for sharing.

- 28 Nov 2017

Thank you for posting this........looks like a fantastic place.

- 28 Nov 2017

In a 2012 interview Noritsugu Oda said that the Vitra Design Museum was his rival many years ago at the auction where he bought his first Finn Juhl Chieftain Chair. He outbid Vitra, but he said that Vitra subsequently was able to acquire a Chieftain Chair at another auction. However, I do not ever recall seeing a photo of the Chieftain chair that Vitra apparently owns as part of its collection. Did you happen to see one in the museum?

Edit: Nevermind, I see it is in one of your photos, on one of the high shelves.

- 28 Nov 2017

Thank you All for the appreciation.

tchp, that's an interesting story. Indeed, you can see the Juhl chair up there on the shelf, far away from any hand temped to gently touch it. I actually wonder whether they put the most expensive pieces on top.

All the best

- 28 Nov 2017

This is the interview that tchp refers to:

By the way, I was looking at the Finn Juhl book by Noritsugu, and could find only a Japanese version... do you know whether an English translation exists too?

- 29 Nov 2017

It would be funny if they put all the expensive pieces on top. What does that say about the pieces they put down on the bottom?

But seriously why own something like a Chieftain chair or a Hunting chair if you are going to display it at ceiling height? It is some sort of strange unwritten commentary on the pieces displayed.

- 29 Nov 2017

The book is only available in japanese as far as I know but there are quite a lot of other books on Finn Juhl around.

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