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Hans J. Wegner Sofa, model GE-236/4

- 26 Nov 2012 -
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I've been looking @ Getama GE-236/4 sofas designed by Hans J. Wegner. I noticed that some of the sofas have three legs & others have two yet they still have the same reference number.

Was the sofa with three legs an option during the sofa's initial production ?


- 26 Nov 2012

The proportions are also...
The proportions are also quite a bit different. The length of the 3-leg version is typically cited at 270cm and the 2-leg version at 230cm. The cushions on the 3-leg version are also a lot more rectangular, and longer, whereas the 2-leg version has more square cushions.

I would also be curious to know when the 3-leg version was produced, be it earlier or later, or if it was an option that was available all along, for those who wanted a very long sofa.

- 27 Nov 2012

There are 2 models
The 4 seat with 2 legs is model GE235 / 4

The 4 seat with 3 legs is model GE236 / 4

The difference is due to the width of cushions used in the sofa.

Both were available from 1955 and now that Getama have re-issued the sofa you can get it as 236 / 3 only.

Measuring 211cm Long compared to the early 236/4 which is 272cm Long

- 27 Nov 2012

Thanks Simon!
Thanks Simon!

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