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Has anyone seen this style of vintage Barcelona chair?

Product design
- 11 Nov 2017 -
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Product design

High quality with quite a bit of weight. Some obvious differences from the original with the extra button in width and additional bar in the back. My only theory is that this style was produced to avoid the copyright issues. That said I'm surprised I havent been able to find an example of this one in this forum or on the internet.

Has anyone seen this style of vintage Barcelona chair?


- 11 Nov 2017

A one-off for a client -- perhaps a large one -- who did't trust the original design, structurally ? Considering that as much weight is likely to be borne by the front legs as by the rear ones, assisting only one pair rather than both seems an odd choice. In any event, the designer would have been aghast . . .

The frame seems well constructed, or modified, in any event.

- 11 Nov 2017

Can't one-off metal parts like that, that would be an absolute fortune.

88 years on, I think saying "in the style of.." is good enough.

- 11 Nov 2017

It's a fortune in any event; the frame is solid stainless steel, cut, welded, filled, ground, and polished. In other words, made one at a time. Adding a strut, to a finished frame or at the time of construction, would be . . . what ever it is, in hours, but not exorbitant compared to the cost of the whole ?

- 11 Nov 2017


Mies would just shudder and spit nails.


Aunt Mark

ps. my eyeball views slightly pitted chrome.

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