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Help on Mcm chair in Australia

- 17 Nov 2012 -
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I was so super stoked with the help on my last post , im trying it again .
This time round a pair of paddle arm chairs - my guess Danish ?


- 17 Nov 2012

My guess is not Danish. Probably produced a little closer to home.

Just a guess though.

- 17 Nov 2012

Hi ...
... me too I don't think it's danish, definitely none of the "usual suspects".

- 20 Nov 2012

Australian produced brand -...
Australian produced brand - Wright Bilt - is my impression

- 21 Nov 2012

Wright built - Really ??
Hi Odoardo ... Wright built >> ?? Really ??
All the wright built pieces ive ever seen have been clunky and far less refined than these . I have done a bit of searching and can find nothing similar in a Wright built style . What makes you say Wright built ?

- 21 Nov 2012

Odoardo Grey,
Are you a saab driver?

- 22 Nov 2012

SAAB really .
Why , do you need a lift somewhere ??an

- 26 Nov 2012

of course I'm a SAAB driver...
of course I'm a SAAB driver !

as to the chairs ....they look very similar to some WB I saw a few years ago ..sorry I don't have a pic of them

- 26 Nov 2012

Sorry for Hijacking your thread, onj :-)
Your chairs don't seem european, I haven't seen this
style of finish and wood used here.
I would assume they are australian, but haven't got
experience concerning designs in your part of the

As for the saab-question: odoardo grey is a specific
body color used on vintage saabs. As I am owner of
a green example of the 900 breed, I was curious..

Good luck!

- 27 Nov 2012

Beryl, Scarabe, Eucalyptus,...
Beryl, Scarabe, Eucalyptus, Pine or Acacia green ?

i think that's all of them !

- 13 Feb 2013

mine is scarabee
and in lovely condition (only 135.000 km's)

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