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Help! Need expert to determine info on a lounge chair!

Product design
- 02 Dec 2017 -
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Product design

Hello pros! I am hoping to get some help in finding out more about a set of chairs I recently purchased (used to be owned by a local library). I have added some pictures and some amateur questions below. Any information would be so helpful as I’d love to fix these up somehow.

1. Does this look like pleather or leather?

2. What was used to cover the wood, tan paint? Colored epoxy? Why would this have been done? Can I safely strip it?

3. What type of wood looks to be underneath?

4. Overall thoughts on chair?

5. What time period do you believe this is from?

Help! Need expert to determine info on a lounge chair!
United States
lounge & easy chairs


- 02 Dec 2017

1. Looks like vinyl to me but you can tell for sure by examining it with a magnifying lens. Real leather has pores. Fake leather has shallow little indentations meant to resemble pores. You can slo look for a cut edge somewhere under the chair. Most vinyl has a backing fabric, usually a knit.

2. It has a tinted clear finish to make it look look like some other species of wood, usually one that is of more value than what the real wood is. This was done a lot on American furniture. (still is.) You can safely strip it, if by safely you mean without damaging the wood itself. First you should determine what the finish is, though---lacquer, varnish, or something else. Most likely it's lacquer or varnish.

3. Hard to say what wood is is though the grain on that one closeup looks like oak, sorta. Could be maple? I dunno.

4. It's a nice enough vintage American armchair. Not of great value but if you're just starting out in this style and don't have much money to spend--sure, why not. You can always trade up as your means permit.

5. Late 50s to mid 60s

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