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Hey Spanky,

- 21 Oct 2015 -
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Thank you for turning me on to!

We've finally found an appropriate, affordable, and, most importantly, mutually agreeable fabric with which to re-up our '60's Drexel 3-seater. Miles couldn't have been nicer or easier to work with and his under $15/yd price on the Maharam fabric we chose seems unbeatable, too.

Thanks again for all the consistently highly-qualified advice you've offered to members of the forum over the years!


- 22 Oct 2015

Spanky is simply a living treasure, and probably a good cook.


Aunt Mark

- 23 Oct 2015

You're quite welcome, tktoo! And thank you for the kind words! Miles is a peach, that's for sure.

Mark, I cook a few things well and the rest ok, but fortunately my three kids have all grown into fabulous chefs so I'm in semi-retirement now! Har. (My son got himself a sous vide device--woohoo!!)

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