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Hi, can anyone recognise this table?

- 18 Nov 2017 -
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I am interested in purchasing a table simalar to the one white one against the wall, i do not know what its called or who it was made or designed by.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi, can anyone recognise this table?


- 20 Nov 2017

Where did you see that photo? It may be possible to find out what the furniture is from the source of the photo itself.

I did a quick Google image search of the photo but didn't get anywhere with it, but that doesn't mean it's not out there somewhere.

- 20 Nov 2017

Looks like a section of precast concrete balustrade, maybe.

- 20 Nov 2017

Hi thanks for the reply. It was on google images from a house in palm springs. I read up on site, but there was no mention of what the furniture is called etc. So i only have a pic to ho off.

Do you know of any simalar looking table designs to that one in the pic that i could check out?

Any help is appreciated

- 21 Nov 2017

Try asking on I've seen a lot of that style of decor on there and there are lots of interior designers there who might be able to help. Good luck!

- 01 Dec 2017

Maybe the marble table top. There should be many suppliers on the market. For example, newstar stone. Hope it can help you.

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