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- 21 Nov 2012

At a guess
I would imagine it's Italian, from the 1950's?

- 21 Nov 2012

now imagine
now imagine its a person coming into a room. Are you comfortable? I think the top at least in this photo is out of proportion. The marriage of materials is not entirely well resolved particularly the frame around the glass is jarring.

- 21 Nov 2012

Someone told me maybe designed by Carlo De Carli? Made in Italy in the 50'S...

- 21 Nov 2012

... whoever has designed this piece, it's a visual debacle, it's butt ugly.

Cabinet de Luxe is having a pricepoint sale. Our prices are dropping permanently as we bring new...
- 21 Nov 2012

Funny People..
This forum is about share what you know about design, not about how ignorant you are or the taste you have.. lol

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