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ID Help: Rod Eiffel Style Base Upholstered Stool

- 19 Jan 2018 -
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Hi everybody,

Was hoping for some help on this stool I recently picked up. I've been scanning the web but can't find anything quite like it. It has some features of an Eames Eiffel base with a wood seat that's upholstered.

16" H

16" D of seat

11" D at the base


ID Help: Rod Eiffel Style Base Upholstered Stool


- 21 Jan 2018

Thanks objectworship. I agree. The more it's in the house, the more I like it. I sure was hoping someone here might recognize it. My last hope so to speak...

I've been burning the night trying to find anything with this exact base (if it was taken from something else) and still have nothing.

It certainly appears vintage—screws and all. Back to the search.

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