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Identification of Mid Century leather sofa

- 27 Nov 2017 -
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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can help me identify this sofa please. It has been suggested that it maybe Tobia Scarpa but I'm not 100% sure. The only information I really have is that it was bought from Heals in the early 60's.

Excuse the dog on the floor!


Ingrid Rehe

Identification of Mid Century leather sofa
United Kingdom
1960 - 1969


- 28 Nov 2017

I am not very versed on the Italian designers, but I find too many differences in your sofa to think that it is The Coronado Sofa by Tobia and Afra Scarpa for B&B Italia. But again, this is just an opinion based on observation, and not an informed assessment.

- 28 Nov 2017

I have no idea what it is, but a photo of the end of the sofa showing how the arm is done might help to jog someone else's memory. One of the back might be good too, if you can pull it out into the room far enough to get back there.

- 28 Nov 2017

I think the Coronado sofa was a bit later than this, from what I've read anyway. I'll take more photo's tonight and I'll also take a photo of the rubber seat padding as it's not normal webbing. Really appreciate the replies. I had a feeling it may have people stumped!


- 29 Nov 2017

Hi again,

I've attached some more photos. The rubber pads under the seats are Pirelli, I'm not sure if that gives any clues or not as Pirelli seems to be a common webbing.

If anyone can shed any light on who may have designed this or its origins I would be eternally grateful as I have drawn a complete and utter blank!


- 29 Nov 2017

Great photos, though there's still no guarantee that anyone will know what you have there.

I've never seen that kind of rubber webbing base (??) before. Does it say Pirelli anywhere on it? The only Pirelli webbing I know of is 2" wide tan rubber strapping with a woven core. I looked up the patent number and found that the inventor was one Paul Earl, and he filed it in 1963 with the US Patent office. I don't know a whole lot about patents and manufacturing but I'm gonna guess that the webbing thing is American-made. Just a guess, though.

I will post a lightened photo of the webbing thing so that the detail is more visible, plus the patent illustration.

- 29 Nov 2017

Hi Spanky,

It does indeed say Pirelli on it. I thought I took a photo but I obviously didn't. I am beginning to wonder if this was a Heals made sofa. I turned the sofa on its side to see if there were any identifying marks but unfortunately there is nothing. A complete mystery!


- 29 Nov 2017

This type of webbing was used by Pieff, a british company,who manufactured leather and chrome seating in the 70's.

Close -up image of Pirelli name on the webbing of one of the Pieff designs.


- 29 Nov 2017

Hi Lexi,

This sofa was bought around 1963 but your comments are interesting so I'm going to have a look for Pieff.

Thanks, much appreciated.


- 29 Nov 2017

Yeah, the sofa's and chairs are mostly chrome but it was worth a look.


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