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Illums Bolighus vanity -- wood(s)?

- 04 Aug 2009 -
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Recently picked up this nice little vanity and since then my wife and I have been arguing over what types of wood were used. The legs and mirror supports are darker and have a tighter grain and the "work surface" appears to be different than the sides. I won't insert our opinions as to muddy the waters. Also, any lead on maker/designer would be appreciated as the only marking is the metal Illums tag. Thanks!


- 04 Aug 2009

Hey i'll bet.........
hey i'll bet $16.25 it's teak......

- 04 Aug 2009

my thoughts
my thoughts were that the top of the case was walnut, the sides were teak and I hadn't made up my mind on the legs. The rest of you seem to be divided.

- 04 Aug 2009

I reckon teak carcass and Burmese Teak (afrormosia) for the legs.
Walnut for mid century furniture is very much an
American thing, European furniture tends much more, but not exclusively, to be teak.
Simon's probably your man though.

- 05 Aug 2009

My imediate reaction was....
definately teak top. I have seen some (notably G Plan) furniture here in the UK with teak carcass and afromosia legs as mentioned above. In my mind it's a bit to red in colour for walnut although it could be stained of course. Also, the figuring on the top looks like teak - the open grain structure on the LH side of the top is a lot like the teak pieces I have seen.


- 05 Aug 2009

Thanks everyone for your responses. My "all walnut" wife has been proven wrong in writing. Yes!

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