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Industrial furniture

- 14 Feb 2010 -
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I have been buying and selling industrial steel metal furniture for a few years but never had any in the house myself, after a large clear out I want to add a few bits here and there. Anyone with some mouth watering industrial interior pics or links help me out!


- 14 Feb 2010

Are you after interiors with specific type of furniture ?

I own a metal cabinet, that I use to store ceramics/ plates/ cups -and love (the detail photo above is mine, the bottom photo shows the complete cabinet). For me it is more a kitchen thing, but you could use it in a bathroom, or to store kid's stuff just as well.

- 14 Feb 2010

A classic is industrial...
A classic is industrial shelving for books:

- 14 Feb 2010

.. or contrasting an old...
.. or contrasting an old industrial table (on a metal base) with either modern design classics/ a set of AJ ants or series 7/ Tolix chairs/ other industrial vintage chairs

- 14 Feb 2010

This is one of my favorite styles, but I think it is one that is hard both to define and to implement, at least in my home. There also seems to be many interpretations of what makes a style industrial. The one common denominator is of course metal. Bentply, what would you say defines the style?

ite, those are some really great photos. I should let you decorate my place! I need help.

Here is another one I like:

- 15 Feb 2010

Thanks Gustaf and ite, I want a stark industrial look with splashes of vibrant colour so both of your idea are bang on.
I am concentrating on furniture at the moment and will buy my nick nacks when I have a better idea of where it is going. I have purchased a 50s painted metal cabinet which has a polished chrome effect under the paint so I will see how it turns out.

- 15 Feb 2010

try tomado
the wall units are easy to find - the standing racks are pretty rare. i totally love them.

- 15 Feb 2010

The Tomado shelving units...
The Tomado shelving units are quite nice with the painted metal shelves. I have several pieces, although most of my shelves are teak.
I am sure that they are easy to find in certain areas of Europe, however, they are definitely not common here in Canada!

- 16 Feb 2010

We have the same orange-red...
We have the same orange-red wallrack. I like the way these 'flimsy' elements put together give a surprisingly firm construction. But I do wonder how much load they can bear.
Is that standing rack yours? They do look great!
What is the opinion on the smaller free-standing units?
I bought this desk-unit, made by MEWAF. This firm was based in Courtrai, where I live and produced indestructable office-furniture. They are often quite plain, but I liked the way the metal was folded on this one. The centered name-tag is also a nice touch.

- 16 Feb 2010

i love tomado !
this is my tomado bookrack and small "office" desk.

- 16 Feb 2010

Hi Bj,

Mewaf still exists and makes office-furniture.
Totally off-topic but do you know the artist Octave Landuyt? He used to design furniutre for them.

For our office we buy a good old fashioned grey metal drawer unit from them.

- 16 Feb 2010

Euro- metal- industrial furniture
Damn, this is turning into a nice thread ! Love seeing all those Tomado units in their natural habitats :o) looking great ! I have always had a soft spot for those cute Pilastro coathooks that look like wonderful brightly colored flags as well.

PS: Is that a Friso Kramer Revolt chair ? I have never seen one with a yellow frame before, it works really well with those Tomado shelves.

Hey Bent, (as this thread is heading a bit into the EURO - benelux direction with all the Tomado/ Pilastro/ Ahrend furniture), are you in the States or Europe ?

Gustaf, I don't believe you for a second, from the pictures you have posted, your place looks totally stunning ! :oD But I do like industrial things as well, and I agree, I find it hard to mix with other styles and other types of furniture. I do not have the budget to buy a room full of Prouvé - but trying to find things that do work together is part of the fun I think ;o

- 17 Feb 2010

answer for ite
yes it is a yellow frame revolt chair like the one you see in 1000 chairs on page 244. i have 8 revolt chairs 2 yellow/black; 4 grey/blue and 2 blue/white from 1959. i love the pilastro racks, but they are very expensive.

- 17 Feb 2010

I didn't know Landuyt had...
I didn't know Landuyt had anything to do with mewaf! Do you have some images of the work he did for them?
My father works in an administrative building in Courtrai/Kortrijk, old mewaf-units often found their way into our house. The quality is really good, but it lacks somewhat elegance or playfullness to adapt in an interior, I allways thought.
Having found the little metal organiser I am curious if they made things that were a bit more daring...
Do enlighten me!

- 17 Feb 2010

I got "error 500" when submitting.
no idea what is going on ?

- 17 Feb 2010

Visual Yin - Yang
met, I love seeing the grey/blue and the blue/white versions together ! They complement each other, definitely an example of the whole being even better than the parts separately. I think it you've got a great looking set here :o)

Yes, the Pilastro coathanger price: don't i know it. I looked at one of those larger versions a while back, but it cost more than I wanted to spend on a coatrack, so it went to another lucky owner.

- 17 Feb 2010

do you know the chair
hi, is that the coat hanger designed by coen de vries you are thinking of? and by the way do you know the chair?

- 17 Feb 2010

Yep, that's the one. I don't...
Yep, that's the one. I don't recognise the chair. It looks slightly like the "acapulco chair" where the seat is concerned, but the base is different.

- 17 Feb 2010

I've found this image. It says only O. Landuyt. But I saw an exhibitian about him once in Ghent (Caermersklooster). I seem to remember it talked about him being a designer.
I also once saw a picture (don't now where anymore) of a desk (similar to one by Pierre Paulin) by him.

In another museum they showed more of his stuff (too bad i did not know about it at that time.
"De bovenverdieping van het museum is gewijd aan design voor metaal- meubel- en textielindustrie, ontwerpen voor theaterdecors en -kostuums, publiciteit en affiches. Hier wordt meteen een ongezien en minder bekend aspect belicht van de kunstenaar als creatieve duizendpoot.
Voor dit deel van de tentoonstelling kon een beroep worden gedaan op de steun en de medewerking van de groep Van Marcke (Van Marcke, Mewaf), omdat Landuyt ook de ontwerper is van het logo met het zeepaardje en een aantal van hun eerste succesproducten."

I've added an article about Gervan to the same photoset.

- 17 Feb 2010

I am in the uk although I...
I am in the uk although I will be relocating to France fairly soon. I have some beat up Tomado that I will bring back to life to make a small reading music corner. Bought a stripped steel filing cabinet yesterday that I think I will keep and use in the bedroom.

The thread is looking good and my mind is smoking with all the inspiration.

- 18 Feb 2010

Great Erik, I enjoyed...
Great Erik, I enjoyed reading that article! Would it be alright if I used it on my website?
My gervan-set was probably made in the firm's early stage, where they describe the scandinavian influence. It's good to know my set was produced with a strong believe in quality and workmanship. I'm also pleased to read the design wasn't by foreign designers, but entirely by Gervan (although derivative). I'm upholstering my chairs in a luxurious beige fabric, it's a bit different from the black leather cushions but I wanted the choice to be totally mine.

Great to see you wrote that book on C.Gevers. I really like his work, so constructive, appears almost transparant.

Thanks for the image regarding the work of Landuyt for Mewaf.

- 18 Feb 2010

for bj
No problem using the pictures, but to be correct : they come from a magazine called Infordesign which was once published by the Design Centre (Brussels).
Maybe you can mention this a the source.

- 22 Feb 2010

ite, thanks, but it's easy to make stuff look good in photos :) The real world is another story. I find it really difficult to bring a look together. This means you still need to decorate my place.

metking, fantastic place. I enjoyed the photos.

ite, metking, I love those Pilastro racks. They seem really hard to find. I just went through my bookmarks to no avail. The only one I found was sold. Even google was of little help.

bentply, good luck. Would love to hear more about your progress, once you get started.

- 12 Mar 2010

little tomado rack
found this little tomado unit just a couple a days ago.
they made a similar rack for pocket books, but this has these chromed rails. I think this is a herb and spice rack.

- 12 Mar 2010

bj, I hadn't seen that...
bj, I hadn't seen that model before. Nice find!

- 15 Mar 2010

Beautiful coat rack.
Beautiful coat rack.

- 15 Mar 2010

thanks gustaf, it was the...
thanks gustav, it was the first one for me to.
the thing I like with these tomado-pilastro designs are the almost toy-like colors and forms, same for the idea of construction.
toys for adults :-)

- 18 Mar 2010

You have some beautiful bits...
You have some beautiful bits and bobs.

- 05 Apr 2010

Considering old hospital...
Considering old hospital beds? but I dont want the house to look like an asylum, there are enough rumours about my mental state as it is!

- 12 Jun 2012

Hi metking, nice collection o...
Hi metking, nice collection of chairs you got! Would you be interested in a trade? I have lots of tomado, other chairs and lots more of industrial design. I would be interested in the black/yellow chair. Hope to hear from you!

- 29 Nov 2014

If anyone is still interested in industrial furniture. I stumbled across this website yesterday. They specialise in up-cycling old industrial pieces and giving them a new lease of life with reclaimed wood and sorts. I purchased some of the chests that they have available and a shelving unit. They look great in my home. HIghly recommended.

- 30 Nov 2014

I just found this thread. I am basically an MCM guy but love this stuff too. What is the accepted designation? Industrial? Neo-Brutalism ? (I like that one).

What time frame does the stuff come from?

- 05 Oct 2017


Would you allow that table into your home?


Aunt Mark

- 05 Oct 2017

I dunno, Aunt Mark. That table looks like it'd push its way in if you opened the door so much as a crack. And then make itself at home in front of the tv and drink all your beer and eat all your potato chips. I don't think Kelly has any say in the matter.

- 05 Oct 2017

Oh that Kelly.

The forum opens the door a crack, breaks out the beer and chips....and here comes Kelly with a tired coffee table and a TV. Oh.


Aunt Mark

ps Kelly, your rug is too small..and more.

- 05 Oct 2017

Don't blame the rug, Mark. It didn't have a chance against the boisterous coffee table.


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