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Information for chair/ recliner???

- 16 Nov 2017 -
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Hoping someone can share any/ all knowledge of the chair below. It has a a milo braughman James inc along with a James inc manufactures label. I have done quick searches on both to find ALOT of confusing info. I remember this chair from my childhood mid 80s . It sat in my uncles spare room unused in his condo. It has spent the last few years in my basement until recently remodeling a room.

I appreciate any/ all information!!!

Thank you

Information for chair/ recliner???
United States


- 17 Nov 2017

What other information are you looking for? You are already ahead of the curve in that you have a MB designed chair, that is actually marked!

James Inc was founded by Thayer Coggin (the man), and the predecessor of the company with the same name. More here:

Milo Baughman was one of the more influential designers in the modern design movement of the last century. The James recliner is one of his more well known designs, mainly because it is not as uncommon as many of his other designs. He did do other recliner designs for James/TC, but yours is the most famous and ubiquitous.

- 17 Nov 2017

Thank you for the reply!

So this model of recliner would be called the James recliner?? Or was that referring to the copamany?? How bout a production timeframe??? Any ideas??

You also mentioned two other things that pose further questions for me. You mentioned having a MB designed chair that was marked. Is it not common for it to have that?? I have searched MB recliner and that brings up some sites where people are questioning if he is the designer of the piece they have.

Also you mentioned it was one of the most famous recliners by MB. I swear I have seen this chair in a movie or something just can't pin point it.. Is it common enough that I may have seen one for another reason??

I thank you again for the info...

- 17 Nov 2017

James Inc is the company that made the recliner. This company made other recliners that were designed by Milo as well. James Inc eventually became the Company Thayer Coggin. I am not sure if there was an overlap in the existance of James and TC, but TC was founded in the late 50s. You chair is most likely from the early 1950s, and is one of the earlier iterations of this design.

The Model looks to be "Octagonal Chair No 97," from you label. I never really paid much attention to whether or not this design had been ascribed a 'name.'

Well, paper labels tend to fall off in a 60 year time period. James/TC was always good about marking their pieces, but many of the other companies Milo worked with did not. So today, Milo's popularity is peaking, and people are trying to say everything is designed by him, whether it is is or not. Having a piece that is marked at least takes the ambiguity out of it.

I have no idea where you would have seen this chair in the past. As you said, you remembered the chair from your uncles home, so it is more likely you would noticed it in passing. This particular rocker pops up all the time. 'Famous' was probably the wrong term, 'ubiquitous' is priobably more accurate. It is probably the most common, with the highest production numbers of any of Milo's pieces. It was produced by James, but also produced by Thayer Coggin (on and off, and with minute changes). I believe it is still being produced by TC today.

This has been discussed on this site in the past, here:

That is about the extent of my knowledge on this topic, sorry.

- 17 Nov 2017


As Zephyr says, i think you have pretty much everything already there, in those labels. Nice.
I happened to find one of these sometime ago. Not in such a good shape and without the ottoman. But still a great find, at least for me, since the poor thing was forgotten and dirty some where in Buenos Aires.

May be you find there some additional information that might interest you.The photos are gone for some reason and i am denied access to edit it, so i am posting them here again.

There is another thread where Leif Ericson posts a great page from a catalog, where you can see some of the recliners that were later designed for Thayer Coggin.

For what i found the most common colors for that vinyl upholstery are black, that kind of olive green that you have, and yellow, like mine.

- 17 Nov 2017

Yes, this chair is fairly common and you may well have seen this exact model before on tv, in movies, etc. The general style--high back Danish Modern chair---was very, very common, too. If your eye isn't particularly honed to that style, they tend to all look alike.

Are you going to keep the vinyl or have it redone?

- 18 Nov 2017

Thank you all for the information you shared!!

Where I go from here with the chair is the question....

I really like the original condition that it's in. It's the feel and most of all the color that appeals to me. It jumps at you almost like a brash feel! Minot sure brash is the right word but that's how it feels to me.

I originally thought to make this THE feature piece in a basement room I'm working on. Not sure if I/ we can jutisfy that it might be a little more of a common piece than something I could dedicate a room to. With a family every square foot means something....

Of corse their are those that think I should part ways with it. It is a unique piece for an acquired taste. Vision I call it:).

Again THanks to everyone for the info!

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