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- 02 Dec 2012

Never get tired of Risom interviews. Beautiful house and video. Thanks for posting.

- 03 Dec 2012

Thank you mvalen, I very much enjoyed the video with my first espresso of the day.

Also worth noting that elements of rustic mixed with modern can be pulled off very successfully.

- 03 Dec 2012

Thanks mvalen,
for posting that delightful video.


- 03 Dec 2012

You couldn't get
an occupancy permit without a rail around that deck today.

I was curious about the orientation of that glass gable end, so I found the house on google earth. It faces northwest. The road access looks interesting, too.

- 03 Dec 2012

similar to Huf houses, lovely loevely things.

- 03 Dec 2012

No problem...
I'm glad you guys liked it as much as I did.

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