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Joe Colombo Elda Reproduction ?

- 29 Nov 2010 -
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Hi !

A friend of mine show me this Elda Chair... (see the pictures below).

And i need you because i have some question :
Is it a real one or something like a chinese reproduction ?
On this one, it is synthetic leather, but i've never seen a Elda Chair with synthetic leather. It is always real leather or alcantara...

Can somebody tell me what it is ?

Thanks for your help


- 29 Nov 2010

New leather?
Given the condition of the shell, it looks authentic, i would say it was reupholstered/recovered recently. The leather isn't distressed at all. I've never reproductions of these chairs.

- 29 Nov 2010

Yes, i think the same... Thnks for your help.

Any other comments ? :)

- 29 Nov 2010

I agree,
badly done reupholstery. just look at the seams... base looks vintage and real.

- 29 Nov 2010

Yes, on the original Elda, there are "triple seams"... here, we only can see double seams (except under the central pad were i can see "triple seams").


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