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Johannes Andersen Smile Coffee Table Replica Sighting

- 05 Dec 2012 -
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In the recent theme of replica threads, I came across my first Johannes Andersen Smile Coffee Table knockoff recently on eBay. I don't believe I had ever seen one before, at least not recognized by me, and it took me a while to notice two identifiable features which differ from the original (anyone want to play Where's Waldo and see if they can find them?).

Has anyone come across a Smile knockoff in your various endeavors? If so, who is making them? I always thought it was too difficult a piece to fabricate economically for the limited market that is out there. Note that the curved "hip" joint for the legs is consistent with the original. I have not seen any close up photos to compare joint quality but it looks good from the overall shots. Starting price is $695 with no bids so far.

To be fair to the seller, the eBay listing is carefully worded to avoid claiming it is an original Smile table. However, I believe it is done so in order to dupe bidders into thinking the seller doesn't realize he has a valuable piece.

Knockoff shown below . . .


- 06 Dec 2012

...yes, the "hip" joint is consistent to the original, but the two crossbars between the legs are lower placed, so it's clearly recognizable as knockoff.

- 06 Dec 2012

Nice find on the Brooklyn...
Nice find on the Brooklyn guy. I hadn't come across him before. Same photos, same description, and same price.

That's a pretty nice Z-chair knockoff as well, at least visually, even going so far as to have the curved upward lips on the arms. I wonder how good the quality is, and whether they disassemble as nicely as the originals. Not sure if I have seen a Z knockoff done so well. It must cost them so, as they are priced fairly close to a vintage Z.

Looking at the rest of their offerings, I am now even more intrigued as to where they are coming from. If it is a overseas factory with high quality control, we'll probably end up seeing more examples popping up in the future.

By the way, the second tell I found on the Smile, besides the lower stretchers, is that the the ends of the legs are more square versus the rounded ends of the original.

- 06 Dec 2012

... and from China, an unbelievable perfect quality, I once had an Arne Vodder Highback from Hongkong, absolutely similar to the original, only the France & Son label was missing. :-)

- 10 Dec 2012

I think these are copies ...
I have these 2 oils by Burnett, I presume they are not by the actual artist, but copies in her style and signed Burnett!

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