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- 23 Oct 2012

Baker Sofa
I have always seen the sofa described as being designed by Juhl "for Baker Furniture in the United States." The Vodder proto-type shown in the black and white photo at the Wright auction page is the first one I have seen described as not made by Baker (apart from the new releases from OneCollection). I guess that does not answer the question of why Vodder would be making a proto-type for a design if it was intended for Baker.

- 24 Oct 2012

Good luck with it...
Good luck with it is a beautiful piece. Not sure I would have been able to part with it...even for $20-30K +

- 24 Oct 2012

thanks for the info all.
a beautiful sofa. probably the best thing i have ever seen. now off to buy a lotto ticket......

- 24 Oct 2012

Ok, I get the historical...
Ok, I get the historical signifigance and the obvious inherent value of the sofa, but am I the only one who thinks it looks absolutely tacky and wouldn't be caught dead with it in my living room?

- 24 Oct 2012

I'd gladly have it in any...
I'd gladly have it in any room in my house.

- 14 Nov 2012

auction tomorrow.
what do you think this will make at the auction?
the closest guess wins my respect as an amateur design freak/collector.
my guess: 28000

- 15 Nov 2012

congrats on the auction results.

- 16 Nov 2012

scandinavianbeast and waffle...
scandinavianbeast and waffle are both about right. A hammer price of $30,000 plus a 25% buyers premium gives a final price of $37,500. The buyer pays nearly what waffle guessed, the seller gets nearly what scandinavianbeast guessed. Wright keeps about $10,000.

- 16 Nov 2012

Anyone know on which continent
it will soon reside?

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