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Kai Kristiansen or SAX

- 20 Jan 2018 -
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I intend to buy these four Kai Kristiansen chairs. See below photos.

The seller says now one of the potential buyers said, that the chairs might be not from Kai Kristiansen, but from SAX. Does anyone has any experience with that and recognize the designer?

Kai Kristiansen or SAX
1950 - 1959


- 20 Jan 2018

Kai kristiansen is of course a designer, saxkjøbing savværk & stolefabrik was a producer so that does not exclude each other. But I doubt that KK had anything to do with this chair.

- 21 Jan 2018

Thank you Heringbone for clearing the situation with KK and SAX. Why do you think it is not KK? Any idea who the designer might be?

- 22 Jan 2018

It seems to be an automatism that all chairs with these dramatically rounded backrests are attributed to Kai Kristiansen. Indeed, he is famous for some chairs in this manner he drew for Schou Andersen and Korup. Especially one of his Korup chairs bears some similarities with the SAX chairs you posted. But then there are also construction elements I've never seen in a Kai Kristiansen chair. Besides I have never heard of any connection between SAX and Kai Kristiansen which of course means nothing. But then again you will definetly find a ton of "in the style of" chairs that look like Kristiansen. Thomas Harlev for Farstrup is one of the better known examples.And Danish furniture companies were quick to copy a good selling style.I cannot rule it out but I don't think it's Kai Kristiansen.

- 22 Jan 2018

Thank you. That was useful Information. I will do some study.

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