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Knoll Tulip Table Real or Knock-Off?

- 10 Dec 2012 -
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I'm pretty sure this Knoll table is a knock-off, but not 100% sure from the picture. It is quite far from my house, but if it is a REAL one, I will go and fetch it (@ CA$600), but if not, I won't bother given the snowstorm outside and certainly not with that pricetag.

For one thing, the edge isn't bevelled. And there is the table top that splits in half to receive an extension.

Here is a picture.

Thank you!


- 10 Dec 2012

Thank you
Thanks for taking the time to confirm. I was almost sure of that... but I've been on the hunt for so long that I was hoping this was it.

Thank you,

- 11 Dec 2012

Burke tulip table and chairs
Burke knocked off Saarinen's tulip table and chairs in the 60/70's. Similar design but bulkier.

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