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Kofod Larsen Seal Chairs? please help me

- 06 Dec 2017 -
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Hi everyone I bought these 3 chairs at an estate sale. The house the sale was at was a huge 7000 sq foot house and many of the very large pieces had "shipping stamps", I asked the story behind this and was told by the family that their parents (a Doctor and a high ranking military officer) had been all over the world for work, wherever the next assignment took them etc.

SO that is the back story I was told which I do find very credible. I felt confident buying several mid century furniture pieces there. Some were marked and others not. I rolled the dice with these chairs, which have no markings anywhere. upon further research they look like they are Ib Kofod Larsen for Ope Mobler Seal Chairs, but I have had no luck finding any iron clad proof to be 100 % sure. My problems is there are no markings and I can not find any fabric colors like these anywhere. Can anyone help me and lead me In the right direction please?

Kofod Larsen Seal Chairs? please help me
1950 - 1959


- 06 Dec 2017

They have been re-upholstered, unfortunately. It looks like they were supposed to be cognac vegetable tanned leather. The OPE mark may have been attached to the upholstery. But regardless, with Scandinavian pieces it is the general rule that it means very little for a piece not to be marked.

- 06 Dec 2017

Wow I wonder why it would have been re-upholstered from leather? Just curious how are you able to tell this? Another question is since they have been re-upholstered would it be a wise choice to re-upholstered again in leather for re sale?

- 06 Dec 2017

Take some more photos of the upholstery, perhaps the underside or underneath the chair. Post them here. Compare them to other chairs. I believe you will see the evidence that they have been re-upholstered.

- 06 Dec 2017

I'm curious to see a well-focused closeup of the fabric if you don't mind. It looks like a cotton velvet but could also be a few other things. Impossible to know for sure from those photos.

Getting them redone in leather won't be cheap but maybe it's worth it if you have a way to get top dollar for them. I don't follow values much so I don't really know. But I do know that good upholstery in leather is $$$$ and you also will need to find someone who can redo them correctly with the right thickness and type of padding everywhere. A lot of upholsterers use padding that is too thick and bulky for Danish furniture.

- 07 Dec 2017

They do look like the real thing, and according to the original ad below they came in both fabric and leather (black and cognac).
Yours do look reupholstered though.
There should originally be a small OPE fabriclabel under the seat.

- 08 Dec 2017

I have owned one for the past decade, and have no doubt yours are genuine. I also agree that yours have probably been reupholstered at some point.

The white headrest cushion pegs on the back of the high-back chair appear to be original, and it is probable that the leather headrest cushion straps are also original, and should be retained if you have the upholstery re-done.

- 08 Dec 2017

Please re-do them in natural vegetable tanned leather that will live into a beautiful cognac patina. They deserve it.

- 08 Dec 2017

LOL six natural hides + quality labor will run you ten grand or more

Why tear apart perfectly good upholstery? From here I sure can't see what the problem is with what you've got.

- 08 Dec 2017

The god of nice things is a profligate. Worship demands sacrifice. If one is such a favorite of this god that the only sacrifice is money, then so much more the blessing.

- 09 Dec 2017

"No one ever said it was cheap to care for nice things".

Jesus Christ.

This should be my epitaph.

yes I'm going through a mild crisis.

yes I am,

Aunt Mark

ps drinks are on me.

- 09 Dec 2017

design and decoration do not necessarily require a pocketful of money and an utter lack of conscience


(not to say that I wouldn't appreciate a triple Knob Creek neat and a glass of water, thanks!!)

- 09 Dec 2017

I would not advise the OP to go out and put the upholstery on their credit card tomorrow. But I would definitely advise he responsibly save up for the job, because I know that is how I am inclined. I certainly wouldn't be happy with the idea they'd exist like this for the rest of their days.

I am happy to live with things in a state of slight disrepair, as long as the goal remains: they're gradually restored in my possession.

I don't think either view above is at odds with this right? I'd also be inclined to guess that's how the majority of us deal with our items.

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