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LCW Christmas card, 1950

- 10 Dec 2012 -
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Tucson, Arizona, 1950.
This chair wasn't actually used at the drawing board.


- 11 Dec 2012

Pretty nice
drawing. Was someone in your family a drafter ?

Any more from the same source -- other years, etc ?

- 11 Dec 2012

Thanks SDR, on behalf of my father, who was a graphic designer and art director and drew our family Christmas card every year. He was a multiple AIGA award winner, two of which were for type faces (fonts) he designed in the 60s, when they were hand drawn. I have a couple of other cards and some drawings.

- 11 Dec 2012

Happy Holidays
Thanks very much Mark and Happy Holidays.

- 11 Dec 2012

Great card. What was you...
Great card. What was you father's name?

- 11 Dec 2012

Thank you jesgord.
That's him below (that's his actual legal name).
Signed by Alvin Eisenman and the celebrated and infamous George Lois, the award is for packaging and POP point-of-purchase displays, American Optical sunglasses.

- 11 Dec 2012

That's so cool !
It would be fun to see more of his work.

We could expand this thread to include other hand-made or home-designed holiday greetings -- considering the time of the year. Both my parents made Christmas cards at various times, as did a younger couple I knew well. I did so too, for some years, on and off. Here's my favorite. You'll have to decide if it's sufficiently Christmassy. It combines xerography of a pencil drawing with stencil-applied spray colors, on light gray letter-sized paper. The tree is cribbed from Eric Sloane -- a pen-and-ink drawing.

- 11 Dec 2012

Thank you,
my dear. That's a lovely idea. The furniture could be present in, say, two of the scenes -- in different locations -- and leaning against the cabin and piled with snow in the winter view. Hmm . .

Merry you-know-what !


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