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Looking for second series Eames ESU legs

- 07 Nov 2016 -
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I have purchased three pieces of second series eames storage units, which have had the legs removed, and the previous owner added casters on the bottom (ouch). These are the chrome round legs with the kind of triangular shaped bracket (see attached pic). Do any of you experts out there know if anyone makes these, or has seen any for sale? I hear a lot of the original parts that were used for these were sourced from military surplus etc...

Or by some miracle does anyone have any you would like to sell? I am planning to try and get some fabricated, but figured I would check on this great forum fist to see if anyone has any leads... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, John

Looking for second series Eames ESU legs
United States


- 08 Jan 2018

Did you ever find these legs? I am thinking of just having them fabricated.

- 02 Feb 2018

I was actually thinking of getting a friend of mine to fabricate some as well. I need 4 to put on my EAMES ESU desk from 1952. Does any one have the measurements? It's hard to define on a photo and I do not even have a spare one. They are not the same height but I can figure it out. I am more concerned about the triangle structure and how it fit in the lower plywood board.

Any help would be welcome.

Many thanks.

Regards, Rudolf

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