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MK Danish furniture

- 06 Jun 2007 -
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Spotted a neat set of Danish chars today with the label stating: MK craftsmanship , made in Denmark. Can anyone expand on the MK. I've already had a look on furniture index with no joy. Thanks Robo


- 06 Jun 2007

It stands for Morgen- Kohl.. or some very similar spelling - a Danish furniture manufacturer.
I did have a set manufactured by the same company

- 07 Jun 2007

Thanks for the info, but I can't seem to find anything on them either ??

- 07 Jun 2007

Mogens KOLD
All i have to say is good design but not at the very top end of design.
Made some cool chairs with hovmand Olsen.

- 07 Jun 2007

Simon, thanks for that. All...
Simon, thanks for that. All making sense now. So much so that I've now found a few other examples on the internet.

- 07 Jun 2007

Just logged on..
To correct my spelling!

Thanks Simon :)

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