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Metal Verner Panton S chair variant, Z or what?

- 13 Feb 2018 -
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i love rusted metal and i just found these two chairs for sale, described by the owner as "stripped down Verner Panton Z chairs." i can find no online reference to Z chairs, only S. Anyone have any idea if these are even Panton chairs at all? they are beat up and dented, but i kind of like that too.

but, for what they are, they might be well overpriced. the owner wants $125 usd for the both of them. what might you pay, if you were interested in them?


Metal Verner Panton S chair variant, Z or what?


- 13 Feb 2018

Not sure what i would pay for them, but i can tell you that they have nothing to do with Verner Panton.

- 13 Feb 2018

I do not know who the designer is but these look like the remnants of an Italian company made chair Rima Linea.

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