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- 29 Dec 2010

I do indeed love my Michael Lax cookware! Thanks Heath!

- 29 Dec 2010

While producing for Copco...
N.A.Christensen, the danish foundry that produced for Copco, had the rights to sell the products in Europe under the Copco name (it often confused Danish people and fellow Europeans who thought that Copco was a Danish company and not a New York based one.)N.A. Christensen, also known as
Morsø Jernstøberi is mostly known for it's wood stoves. They have been producing the "best in the world" since 1853. The AGA name is originally from Sweden and although it was not his main business Gustav Dalén developped the AGA cooking range that made the company known throughout the world. When the Swedish production of stoves was stopped the English license holder Glynwed International continued production.
I ignore what the arrangements are right now, but it is obvious that NACCO is the acronyme for N.A.Christensen Co. and that the products are the same. Because of environmental legislation in Denmark, Morsø can not produce the strong primary colours, that made Copco known in the U.S., anymore. By the way, an important part of the collection is designed by Sigvard Bernadotte and not by Michael Lax

- 29 Dec 2010

Thanks Koen, some of that I k...
Thanks Koen, some of that I knew but some not, what are the environmental consequences of using the saturated colours? I have a bright red and white set, someone told me cadmium could be ingested but I am a bit skeptical about that.

- 29 Dec 2010

cool! have had one of the...
cool! have had one of the danish made pots for years now that came to me when a friend died. having enjoyed it, I've picked up a few more from flea markets. had no idea that they had such pedigree. and thanks for the aga story that was being discussed in my kitchen only days ago!

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