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Mid century/vintage store names...

- 22 Jun 2011 -
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I remember when I was a kid living in Denver there was a store called Dead Peoples Stuff. I thought that was so cool! What's the coolest/strangest store name that you have heard?


- 22 Jun 2011

Mmmmmm the ones here should be called "all the ugly shit I don't want in my own house"

- 22 Jun 2011

Vintage clothier:
"Shaky Jake the Vagabond Vendor."

"Al Bum's" used (phonograph) record store.

Both from the '70's in a gritty New England city.

- 22 Jun 2011

Not vintage design stores but there was, I swear this is true, an estate agent near where I used to live 'Çavalier Realty' and a cafe named 'Fiascos'.

What would be hilarious though would be a ladies lingerie shop called Petit Bourgeoisie.

- 22 Jun 2011

....'Totally Weird Shit'...& it was too!

- 22 Jun 2011

not a vintage store...
but had to mention it. there's this hair salon near where i grew up called:


- 22 Jun 2011

Yeah, there are definitely...
Yeah, there are definitely some salons with funny names like that. I saw a Curl Up + Dye in Altoona, PA, the summer I spent there. The real kicker about the place though? It was right across the street from a funeral parlor! I thought it was hilarious, but also...terrible :)

- 22 Jun 2011

Gritty New England City...
Hey tktoo, wasn't Shaky Jake's in Worcester and Al Bum's in Haverhill? The latter is indeed gritty, but Worcester's pretty cool. I grew up just a few miles away from there.

Weirdest name I ever saw was (and it's not that weird): The Junk Closet in Williamstown, MA when I was in college. Probably long gone now...

- 22 Jun 2011

Space Available
I once saw a store dealing with mostly space age modern and the name of the store is "Space Available". All the store front had was an empty white display window and the sign read "Space Available" with the phone number underneath. It really did look like a vacant spot!

- 22 Jun 2011

Olive. Worcester's pretty cool???
You must be from Auburn!

Shaky's outfitted me for years. I still have a couple of items I bought there. Same goes for Al Bum's, which was on Shrewsbury St. out towards Spag's and possibly related to one in Haverhill? I don't know.

- 22 Jun 2011

A taxidermist in London...
A taxidermist in London (circa. 1988 when I saw it) called 'Get Stuffed'
Heath - I ditto your comment

- 23 Jun 2011

well then
an unadvertised (by choice) hipster hangout in my area is called Hugh Joergan's.

Mostly crusty, but hung?? wanna- be's, and an assortment of strange female "doorbell trade". Great ska music, decent food, and unusually strong highballs. Great mid afternoon non-sense.

ps (as in huge organs)..that means below the bible belt, folks.

oh goodness.

- 23 Jun 2011

How insulting!
Auburn's definitely an armpit. I'm from Mendon...lots of good Yankee history in that town! And I stand by my conviction that Worcester is pretty cool. I happen to like the place, it has a certain blowsy panache. Good old Spag''s just not the same any more, it used to be fabulously weird and weirdly fabulous.

- 23 Jun 2011

so classy Mark, so classy :)

so classy Mark, so classy :)

I went to a bar with some friends once and the young trainee hospitality kids were in charge of the bar, seems they hadn't been taught that a measure of whisky is not a full tumbler with some ice in it, that was fun.

- 23 Jun 2011

Okay, Olive. Wormtown does have one cool place.
Not mid-century exactly, but certainly modern and nowhere near its namesake:

- 23 Jun 2011

Well Venturi might like it, d...
Well Venturi might like it, decorated shed and all that.

Its nice to see some local connections happening here, I'm the only design keen type here, which is ok cos I get the cool stuff but sometimes its a bit lonely, thank the lord for the wine glut and all you fine DA folk.

I did once see an English football team smoking pot, dry humping and wet kissing on a ferry in the days (sadly) before digital cameras and facebook, where did all the fun go?

- 23 Jun 2011

The thing about George's Coney Island, Heath,
is that it is entirely authentic and intact. The experience is pretty much exactly as you would imagine from the way it appears in the photo. It really is like walking onto an elaborate movie set. I wish I could find some interior shots of the '40's Deco bar portion.

Ah ha! Should've gone to the source, I guess!

- 23 Jun 2011

Not a shop, but I have just been stuck behind a scaffolding firms truck in London traffic. On the back it said,
Jackson Scaffolding 'Where your erection is in safe hands'.

- 23 Jun 2011

not a shop but I once...
not a shop but I once delivered to a massive mcmansion called "Disldo"...which is a play on "This will Do"

- 24 Jun 2011

My Mom's vintage store is...
My Mom's vintage store is called Beggars and Choosers.

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