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Milo Baughman cane chairs, I think?

- 28 Nov 2012 -
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Evening all,

I picked up this set of 6 chairs today at a thrift store today. I knew it had a great look and I think they may be Milo Baughman but there is no markings that I can find. I am curious as to if it's worth having the cane fixed on a couple of the chairs, as that seems to be an expensive task. Anyone who would share any info in this area would be apprciated.




- 28 Nov 2012

Not Baughman. Lane.
Not Baughman. Lane.

- 28 Nov 2012

Well the metal frame looks like Milo by Thayer Coggin for sure never seen them done in cane so maybe they are Lane I feel if you are going to keep I fix the cane these are very cool so mid mod

- 28 Nov 2012

I thought
anything with chrome on it is by Milo

- 28 Nov 2012

Sorry to say nope I wish I have a basement full of Milo then.....

- 28 Nov 2012

Great store
This store sells some great Mid Century items Great find.
Where city are you located at?

- 28 Nov 2012

Hi Krenit...
Are you sure they are lane ? I have a faint memory of seeing one of these with a thayer label.

- 29 Nov 2012

looks like
looks like my garage. a mixture of furniture, high chairs, baby seats and laundry baskets. nice pickup.

- 29 Nov 2012

I could be wrong but I have s...
I could be wrong but I have seen these same chairs with a Lane wood and chrome dining table. Also with a Lane desk. I assumed the entire set was Lane because the table was marked, but the chairs weren't.

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