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Mogensen Jagtstole Hunting chairs

- 11 Mar 2016 -
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Two of the very first made Hunting chairs where stolen from a restaurant in Denmark two days ago, they are very rare and expensive, if you are offered to buy these chairs you should report it to the Danish police.

Mogensen Jagtstole Hunting chairs


- 11 Mar 2016

That's so sad! I hope they're recovered for the owner!

- 11 Mar 2016

How are we to know that a Jagtstole on offer is a stolen one? It would be extremely helpful to have decent preferably high resolution photos of the chairs, because the grain of oak will be a fingerprint.

Otherwise all Jagstolen sold in the future will be subject to suspicion, which simply means that none of them will be. I mean unless the thieves are so stupid as to offer a pair "formerly from a restaurant in Denmark".

- 11 Mar 2016

Hopefully they can heavily advertise the theft locally, and find out that a couple teenagers just did it for kicks and the chairs are okay

Is there really much of a market for hot chairs? It seems like it would be a relatively inconvenient and unprofitable thing to deal with, from a criminal standpoint.

- 11 Mar 2016

News item:

Two unique Børge Mogensen hunting chairs were the night of Wednesday stolen from Falsled Kro.

The two hunting chairs has been going on Falsled Kro since opening in 1971 and is part of the first production of game chairs. The chairs that are gone now, is handmade in cooperation with Børge Mogensen.

- It is quite incredible shame, and there is no doubt that it is professional thieves behind. They have not taken another, and they knew exactly what they have gone after, says owner and chef at Falsled Kro, Per Hallundbæk.

At the auction will be this type of chairs sold for 175,000 crowns, and can thus bring together the thieves 350,000 kroner.

The chairs were placed in front of the large fireplace at Falsled Kro in the living room as the guests go in through entering the restaurant.

- For us, they represent most of all memories and they have great sentimental value, so it is a very sad day here at the inn, says Per Hallundbæk.

The theft is reported to the police.

- 11 Mar 2016

A longer article with more details:

On the night of Wednesday the thieves stole two unique chairs that stood in a central room in the inn since opening in 1971. For
Falsled Kro has lost two chairs that have a special meaning.

When a burglary the night of Wednesday's two stolen hunting chairs designed by Børge Mogensen. The chairs have stood in front of the fireplace in a room, you go through to get into the restaurant.

The owner and head chef at Falsled Kro Per Hallundbæk says that the chairs have been part of the inn's decor since opening in 1971. For

- It has some very special chairs, for they are from before, the chairs were put into production. It is hand-assembled and the first of the first, there is the kind of chairs, he says, and emphasizes that he will recognize them.

- It's hard to describe special features, but I can recognize them by the technique. In this way they are collected, and then the leather strong patina.

Per Hallundbæk says that hunting chair can fetch a good price at an auction.

- The latest hunting chair sold at auction, cost 175,000 crowns, but the price is one thing. Something else is sentimental, as the chair has for us, he stresses.

It's certainly not a sudden indskyldelse who have been thieves to break into the inn.

Read Per Hallundbæk posting on Facebook here:
Sad, sad day on Falsled Kro, our Børge Mogensen hunting chairs were stolen in the night, they've been going there since it opened in ...
Posted by Per Hallundbæk on 9th March 2016
tested alarm
A week ago, namely an incident which indicates that the break has been planned.

- An attempt was made to throw a rock through a window, but the windows are in two layers, and the inner pane has lifted the stone. At first I thought that it was pranks, but now I am sure you have done it to test whether there was alarm, says Per Hallundbæk, which says that the alarm was triggered by the break, but the thieves have been quick .

- They have gone targeting the two chairs. There is not stolen second, so it's definitely commissioned work, he says.

Insurance and police monitors
The theft is reported to the police, and it will be investigated by local police in Faaborg, and Police Commissioner Jens Friis Christensen says that it has not been possible to ensure trace in connection with the burglary.

But it does not mean that the chairs are not found.

Per Hallundbæk says that the police has notified the theft to the major auction houses and larger antique stores.

Therefore, there is a high probability that the chairs are offered at e.g. Here you have a series of procedures that will ensure that there will be put stolen goods on auction.

Among other things, requires the auction house that the goods can be traced back to the seller, and the seller must be able to explain how he came into possession of the goods. also has a so-called watch out list, which contains information from the police about the theft cases similar to that of Falsled Kro.

There is also not safe, it can manage to sell through the Blue Avis or At least not without being detected.

For several insurance companies and the police keep an eye on whether there will be stolen goods for sale via the channels.

Denmark is a tiny country so it would be relatively easy to get the news out to resellers and Danes are a pretty honest group of people in general. Seems like all the thieves would have to do, though, is bury the chairs in a container going to someplace in the world where there are buyers who don't care if some hotel restaurant in Denmark wants them back. Jerks!

- 11 Mar 2016

Here is a link to an article. I went out looking to see if there happens to be a high resolution photo of the chairs in question on the Internet, and it appears there is not, or it certainly is not easy to find.

Object: your question is why i asked about good photos. I am assuming there are not so few Jagtstole made by Erhard Rasmussen in existence that the precise owner of every copy is known. Therefore, unless it can be proven that a Jagtstole for sale is indeed one of the precise stolen pair, say by comparing the grain pattern, then they are not a "hot chairs".

- 11 Mar 2016

What the heck! Seems breaking into hotels and restaurants and stealing valuable chairs is a thing in Denmark now! GAH.

On the night of Thursday, the burglars had managed to steal no less than 72 chairs from the Freshwater Centre's restaurant in Silkeborg.
The chairs Fritz Hansen designer trust the brand 7'eren leather, and according to Mid and West Jutland Police have each chair a value of about 8,000 kroner.

...The night of Wednesday found a similar burglaries place. Here was a banquet hall for a small hotel in Aarhus, who had intruders in search of chairs. At the break in Aarhus was stolen 29 dining chairs mark Nanna Ditzel.

- We can not say anything about whether there is a connection between the two burglaries, for we do not know yet, says Bent Riber Nielsen.

He says that it is not the first time that Freshwater Centre's restaurant has been exposed to rely thieves.

Back in 2011 saw a similar theft namely the place where more than 50 chairs were snatched.

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