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Mojo Interiors

- 25 Aug 2005 -
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Has anyone heard of these people or checked the quality of their stuff?

The prices seem good although the reproductions are Chinese rather than Italian. They appear to be based in Wiltshire in England and, quite strangely, are connected to a company that sells Quad bikes.....


- 02 Jan 2008

also interested
I'm also interested in any experiences...

- 02 Jan 2008

I bought a clock from them,...
I bought a clock from them, quality looks ok, arrived quickly and safely. Out of interest, what are you looking at? In my honest opinion I'd be very cautious about buying any 'knock off' furniture, although that's probably because I don't really approve of it, but I'd just be wary of the quality of these items as they aren't really that cheap given their 2nd hand value.

- 02 Jan 2008

I'm interested in Swan-chairs, barcelona and eames loungechair. Also the Artichoke lamp...

- 02 Jan 2008

Looks to me
that they're prices are nearly as high as the real ones.

- 11 Jan 2008

I think the prices are ok, if the quality is good. Not anyone who have bought furniture from this company?

- 21 Jan 2008

I purchased an Eames RAR rocker from Mojo that was shown on the website as being in stock and delivered within 10 days. After 8 days I tried to contact them to see when I could expect delivery and was told that it was out of stock and would take 10 weeks. I tried to cancel the order there and then, and was told a refund would be actioned. This did not happen, and a week later after repeatedly trying to call, I recieved an e-mail to sat they had 'moved some boxes in the warehouse and found one' ... I declined and asked again for my refund. This went on and on, and nobody called back after my leaving ,messages on an answerphone and sending over 40 e-mails demanding a response. Eventually, 6 phone calls through the MD on a Saturday morning where he was 'waiting for his accountant', 'just out of the office' ... etc, resulted in my being told I was going to be refunded ...... I am still waiting ....

This company is dreadful, and I have had nothing but lies form the two people I have spoken to or recieved e-mails from.

Never buy from this company.

- 21 Jan 2008

At a slight tangent I notice...
At a slight tangent I notice that ersatz Eames loungers on Ebay are now sometimes selling for as little as £300 - maybe the market for knock - offs is beginning to falter?

- 29 Jan 2008

I bought from Mojo with no problems
I bought a few items recently and was very pleased ...great quality and perfect finish on my items...arrived on time and excellent delivery service. Wouldnt be put off by the odd review here or there to be honest give it a go. If you arent happy they do refund

- 30 Jan 2008

im quite surprised by the service received by david. i have bought several items from mojo interiors including a swan and an egg chair and have never been able to fault the service. most importantly ive always been impressed by the design and quality of my purchases and to be honest that's my main concern when buying any new piece. in terms of state-of-the-art, i'll definitely keep using mojo.

- 31 Jan 2008

Have been working with design furniture for quite a few years now - both classics and new design furniture and have from time to time considered using replicas in interior assignments and - hate to say it - also done it a few times on customers request...anyway, where I am going is quality...In my 15 years of working with design I´ve come across only one company in northern Italy making acceptable replicas (acceptable in quality matters - not that´s it acceptable making the replicas!!). This company was also chosen to deliver furniture to the restored Mies van der Rohe Tugendhat house in the 80´...If you guys really think that the quality of the chinese copies from Mojo and 1929 and others is fantastic you must be comparing the pieces to your bachelor apartment Ikea furniture... Compare any authentic Miller or Fritz Hansen piece to the copies - the diffenrence in look and quality is obvious!!

- 06 Mar 2008

I'm afraid to report the...
I'm afraid to report the service received from Mojo thus far has been nothing short of poor. I ordered a lamp (listed as in stock for immediate dispatch on their site) and waited 6-7 days for an email to come through stating they would be in touch after a month with an update of the order.

Obviously concerned I phoned them with no answer of the phone. I spoke to somebody the next day who couldn't find my details and kept me waiting, eventually telling me the lamp had been sent the day after I ordered and that the email I received was a mistake (helpful!).

I was told he'd find out what has happened to the lamp and would ring back in 30 minutes. Alas, no phone call (it's now over a day since the phone call should have been made) so I'm about to phone AGAIN. Not impressed.

- 06 Mar 2008

Save your money, friend. I wi...
Save your money, friend. I will not proselytize on the morality issue, but I will ask that you consider the fundamental drawbacks of such a choice/purchase.

Think about it -- why burden yourself with being the caretaker of half-baked copies made in a wasteland like mainland China? Such furniture is the physical embodiment of strife and sadness coming from such a place, not of pride in craft. Why pay rent on a place to keep and house furnishings that aren't worth a nickel the second after you buy them? Why break your back on moving day for such a thing?

Save up and sit on something less compelling for a while.

- 07 Mar 2008

Finch, I totally agree with...
Finch, I totally agree with you - In fact I'm a dealer in original design and my own house has many classics from Eames, Nelson, Colombo, Vodder etc. I purchased a Visor lamp for a friend's birthday who likes this lamp. I couldn't justify the £500 price tag for an original although I HATE copies and this experience has done nothing to convince me taking a short cut was the best option. I guess you get what you pay for, and that doesn't just include the product most of the time.

- 17 Jul 2008

Don't bother with Mojo Interior
After waiting nearly 14 weeks.
*endless phone calls
*fake information about customs holding it up
*fake information about it being in the UK and ready for delivery
*They never call back
*After waiting 14 weeks I was then told the item was out of stock

I wonder if other people have put money in their bank account to gather interest.


*I await a full refund

I will be contacting trading standards and I recommend avoiding this company.

- 19 Jul 2008

Stay AWAY from this company
After emailing David at Mojo regarding the availability of a lamp I was told it was in stock and would reach me after 7-14 days. After 5 weeks I still hadn't heard anything. Later I was told the item was not in stock but that a shipment had recently docked in UK. After another two weeks I decided to cancell the transaction, after endless emails that was obvious stalling from their part, and demanded my money back. They said they would send my money back but nothing happened. After several angry emails and threats I finally got my money back.

I have ONE thing to say. Stay AWAY from this company!

- 22 Jul 2008

i'm having a terrible time with Mojo also.....
I ordered 2 items in March, one of them arrived after long delays (it's a bit of a disappointment but i realise i got what i paid for), I asked where the second one was and they told me it hadn't been ordered and would be a further 10 weeks (even though they took full payment for both items in March). I'm trying to get my money back on the second item as I don't hold any confidence in them that it will actually turn up. I also had the excuses about customs, which must be the standard line. Has anyone actually reported them to trading standards yet? They are one of the worst companies i have come across in a very long time

- 24 Sep 2008

Quality Replicas
So Il Duce what was the name of the company n northern Italy

- 03 Oct 2008

absoutely furious with MOJO
I bought furniture from MOJO. Indeed instead of teh 8 to ten weeks it was supposed to take I finally received the last item yesterday a full 5 months after they received my funds. Not only this but the stools that I received are in the wrong style! I am absolutely seething and cannot even begin to express my anger. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.

- 19 Nov 2008

Mojo Interiors' lamps are miserable
I bought a lamp from Mojo Interiors and realized that some of the leaves (on the Artichoke) started corroding, the painting was miserable and the lack of quality was obvious. It comes with 40 Watt and gives you absolutely no light at all if you are fortunate to trace the appropriate light source.... The fixture is certainly not tailored to Scandinavian lamps since I have not yet found the appropriate lighting source to this lamp...
Subsequently I will recommend you to save your money and do not waste it on useless products from Mojo Interiors.


- 26 Jan 2009

We ordered two chairs from this company back in August 08 and we are still waiting!!!!!
We have been fed nothing but lies (about the products being on their way) from day one and each time there is a different excuse.
How can a company like this still be going??? I usually steer clear of copies and with good reason but this was an order for a client who wanted the look but didn't have the budget. If it was me I would have canceled the order a long time ago but we feel a bit tied in now as we had to pay in full!
Definitely stay away!

- 03 Feb 2009

Mojo went into insolvency!
Attention to all who deal / dealt with Mojo: I received message quoted below today via e-mail

"It is with deep regret Mojo Interiors Ltd is now closed. Any creditors including customers awaiting deliveries etc will be contacted by insolvency practitioners.
Apologies for any inconvenience.

Any one that has paid via credit card please contact your card issuer."

- 11 Feb 2009

Mojo went into insolvency!
I'm from France.
I've been waiting for a delivery since beginning of January. I have paid more than 1 000 ? and i have not received any information regarding insolvency.
To contact my card issuer, I need a confirmation of the end of Mojo. So, could you send me the email you received?
thanks in advance

- 18 Feb 2009

Interesting! Haven't heard anything about insolvency despite having waited since December!! Ordered a lamp, and am standing to lose about 500 pounds. Can annyone who received the e-mail from mojo interiors about the insolvency please forward it to me:

You would be doing me a very big favour

Best regards, Line

- 19 Feb 2009

Anyone who can give us information regarding Mojo Interiors Insolvency would be doing us a very big favour as well!


- 26 Feb 2009

I was sent a detailed letter dated 18th February 2009 from Valentine & Co, informing me that Mojo Interiors are insolvent. I ordered a sofa from Mojo on 4th Nov. 2008, was told it would arrive in 8-10 weeks, after 10 weeks I was told (when I actually managed to get through to Mojo) that the sofa was waiting to leave China and I could expect to wait another 8 weeks. 10 days later I sent Mojo Interiors an ultimatum to reply to my e-mail within 2 days, or I would simply cancel my order. No reply to my e-mails, their phone not responding after days of an automated circular style answering-machine, then their website disappears! (Which I thought would happen the previous week when I became suspicious of the nonsense happening). I contacted Trading Standards in early February, (who for some reason appear to have information the company is still trading), however I contacted my bank for a full refund to my debit card for a straight-forward case of non-delivery of goods, before then discovering Mojo is now insolvent. Looking at the similar unfortunate people who've been lied to by a company who knew they were in trouble and still taking orders in the last few months, I just hope all victims of Mojo will just contact their bank for a refund over this straight-forward case of non-delivery of goods, immediately. Luckily I got my money back very soon after informing my bank and I hope anyone else waiting for items that will never arrive now the company is insolvent will inform their banks for a refund. Good Luck!

- 26 Feb 2009

Problem with mojointeriors
i wait since 2 month a refund from MojoInteriors and i have no response nothing. i'll try to get a refund with my bank as i paid with my card.

- 27 Feb 2009

mojo insolvency
re:MOJO in administration,

I overheard a conversation yesterday about mojo, the jist was that mojo is looking to do a prepack insolvency, which would mean that they intend to start up a new company but keep all the existing stock (your stock). All they will need, according to this converstaion, is to persuade the administrators that it is simpler to allow them to 'buy' the stock on the cheap, and not put the stock out to tender, which would fetch a higher price and might even mean you got your money or goods back.

They said that the administrators (Valentines?) are having a meeting on 12/13 March to discuss this.

Only the creditors could stop this apparently, but I don't know how to do this!

Write to the administrators?

The converstaion seemed to imply that if there was enough of a stink about this then the prepack deal could not go ahead.

Any insolvency experts out there?

Allthis is hearsay and might not be true but I thought I had better post it ion the mojo forums.



- 13 Mar 2009

legal questions
We very often get questions related to legal problems due to the failure of dealers often specialized in the sale of design classics copies.
Long threads devoted to these problems regularly come back on this forum. One finds good advice here but, in this field, even well intentioned advice is not always reliable or complete enough.
It's a very technical and complex subject and the answers can change from one country to another.

It's for this reason that we have created this page where you can post your questions to professional experts.

Please click the link below to ask your legal questions.

- 20 Mar 2009

mojo rip off
(edited by Design Addict - unverified information)

- 30 Dec 2010

italian reproductions
Could you share the name of your Northern Italian company please Ilive in Italy and would find it very useful.
many thanks.

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